Tips For Gathering Evidence After a Car Wreck

preserve evidence after a car accident

As the victim, it’s critical that you take the proper steps to preserve evidence after a car accident in Atlanta. Photographs, witness statements, police reports, and other documentation create a record of the events that can support your claim.

The actions you take in the immediate aftermath could impact you for years to come. Follow this guide to learn what you must do to preserve evidence after a car accident.

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Collect Evidence After a Car Accident Quickly

Following an accident, it is critical to gather as much evidence as possible from the scene to support your claim. Collecting and preserving evidence is crucial for several reasons.

  • Accurate Information: Proper evidence helps in filing accurate insurance claims, making it easier to obtain compensation.
  • Preventing Disputes: Clear evidence reduces the likelihood of disputes with insurance companies regarding liability and damages.
  • Expert Opinions: Preserved evidence can be reviewed by accident reconstruction experts to establish the cause and sequence of events.
  • Preserving Evidence: Evidence that may change over time includes witness memories, skid marks on the road, weather conditions, and debris from vehicles. It is critical to document details like this.

One vital piece of evidence is the police report.

Photograph the Scene

Take photographs of vehicle damage, debris in the road, traffic control devices like stop signs or traffic lights, and any hazards that may have contributed to the collision. Photograph the scene from multiple angles, getting both wide shots to show the layout as well as close-ups of any damage or conditions that could be relevant.

Ensure the lighting is good and that all damage is clearly visible in the photographs. To further strengthen your case it is advisable to ensure that all photographs are kept safe and not accidentally deleted or destroyed.

Take detailed notes of the surroundings, including street names, traffic signals, and weather conditions. If you move your car off the road or to the shoulder, draw a diagram showing the position of vehicles and the path both cars traveled while your memory is fresh.

take detailed photos of your wrecked car

Obtain Witnesses Information

Record witness contact information, including names, phone numbers, and email addresses. Ask witnesses to provide written statements on what they observed while the details are still fresh in their memory.

Witnesses may be able to provide important testimony at a later stage.

Obtain Video Evidence

Note the location of any security cameras that may have captured footage of the incident. Provide the information to your insurance provider and legal counsel as soon as possible so they can attempt to obtain copies of any recordings before they are overwritten.

Document Injuries

Collect contact information for any emergency responders like ambulance staff and medical doctors that attended to your injuries. Their medical records will be able to be used as evidence to prove the impact of the accident on your life and will be important in any insurance claims.

Their accounts of the state of vehicles and individuals involved when they arrived could provide crucial corroboration of the events.

A Lawyer Can Help Preserve Evidence after a Car Accident

Lawyers help gather documentation and evidence after a car accident. A lawyer may be able to obtain data from event data recorders (EDRs) or black boxes, providing information about the car’s speed, braking, and other factors in the accident.

Lawyers can file legal motions for the preservation of evidence if there is a risk of it being destroyed or altered.

Spoliation refers to destroying, failing to preserve, or altering evidence that is necessary for litigation. If someone destroys or tampers with evidence, the judge or jury might be allowed to assume the evidence was harmful to that person’s case.

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By following these steps to document and preserve evidence related to your accident properly, you will build a credible record to support any legal claims or actions you may need to take regarding fault or liability. The more thorough and compelling your evidence, the stronger your case will be.

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