How Can You Start a Claim for Atlanta Trucking Accidents?

Atlanta Trucking Accidents

When you’re in an ordinary crash, you can fumble your way through the process. Even first time drivers understand the basics. But what about Atlanta trucking accidents? When you’re dealing with a trucker, everything seems completely different. Why is this person handling you an insurance card with a company name and their name, who do you make your claim against? Then there’s the fight on fault, and how can you prove that you were doing the right thing when this professional driver says you weren’t?

They’re Not So Different From Other Car Wrecks

Trucking accidents have a very similar resolution path to normal car accidents. You gather the information from the other driver. You call the police and emergency services, get any necessary medical attention, and then file the claim through your insurance provider.

But, you should take extra care here and hire an Atlanta trucking accident lawyer. That option will help you stand up to a large commercial entity such as the trucker’s employer. It’s not often that car insurance companies will do everything they can to get you the compensation that you need. In fact, when it comes to standing up to a national employer, then it’s something that you’ll have to do on your own or expect the absolute minimum in compensation.

Make Your Claim Against the Correct Party

An employer, that means any employer, is responsible for the damages that their employees cause when they’re on the clock. This liability is known as vicarious liability, but companies can still fight that liability. That can make trucking accidents difficult to start because drivers aren’t sure if they should claim damages against the company or the driver. There’s another element here as well, though, in that it could be the fault of a mechanic or product manufacturer.

Trucking accidents are so complex it makes it incredibly difficult to understand where to begin. Typically people involved in Atlanta trucking accidents should get local legal help. You want a local attorney so that you can communicate with them quickly and at your convenience. But also so that you can have someone who knows the local systems and roadways.

Work with a Local Attorney Who Handles Atlanta Trucking Accidents

Truckers face some of the highest workplace hazards, and for the other drivers, it seems as if that takes a backseat. While truckers certainly share in large part of the risk when it comes to accidents and fatalities, the government’s attempts to regular the industry have largely failed. When you’re ready to start your claim, you can get going, but you will probably need a legal expert to guide you through the process.

There will be many obstacles and challenges because of the high-risk position that truckers are in and the outstanding circumstances that may impact your claim. It’s clear that you’ll have a long road ahead in resolving the truck crash. But, with proper guidance, that road doesn’t have to be so frustrating.

Go Through All the Evidence

When you’re starting your claim, the very first thing that you’ll need to do is manage the discovery process. Basically, your insurance provider or attorney will want to see all the evidence you have. Then your Atlanta attorney will go through and request your official medical records, the police report, and find any video surveillance possibly cause on security cameras from nearby businesses.

The evidence-gathering portion of the job is critical as it can help prove fault and expose the driver’s actions prior to the crash. These elements can play a role not only in recovering compensation but knowing who is the responsible party, the driver, or the company. The evidence will not always speak for itself. An Atlanta attorney may also need to bring in expert witnesses to explain the evidence as well.

Inform Your Atlanta Auto Accident Lawyer of Your Intent to Recover

Some people simply want enough to cover their medical bills and would rather not spend time in settlement negotiations. It’s reasonable to want to move on after a traumatic crash. But, other drivers are determined to see compensation for not only bills and expenses but pain and suffering as well. These decisions are up to you, and our attorneys at The Weinstein Firm will happily pursue your goals in recovery.

Contacting our office is the first step, then we’ll need to have a few candid discussions about your goals and expectations for your truck accident claim. The Weinstein Firm has spent years helping truck accident victims through the Atlanta area, get experienced support for your claim now.

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