What to Do After Getting Shorted on a Car Crash Settlement

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An auto collision attorney in Atlanta will work on your behalf to argue for your needs. But, not everyone has an attorney, or they didn’t know they needed one. Now that you have a car crash settlement check in your hand, though, it may be very clear that you need someone to stand up for you. A car accident settlement check should cover the financial and some of the non-financial damages involved in a crash.

The non-financial damages can include pain and suffering, such as loss of limb, grief, worry, or more. Usually, car insurance companies won’t review the possibility of pain and suffering unless you argue and fight for this type of compensation. So, what do you do if you get shorted?

Don’t Cash the Car Crash Settlement Check that Came in the Mail

Cashing a check will signify to the car insurance provider and the others involved in the case that you accepted the settlement. The insurance company plans on cashing one check. They won’t be offering you another unless something completely unforeseen happens.

Before cashing a settlement check, make sure that your check, in the very least, covers your medical and property damages from the crash. There are times when your check won’t cover everything. For example, if you were partially at fault for the accident, then the compensation would have been reduced by a certain percentage. This method of comparative fault is the foundation of insurance resolution in Georgia. So, if you were 10% at fault for the crash, then what you would get would be reduced by 10% before you saw the check.

Don’t Sign Any Type of Release

A release form is exactly what you would think it is; it releases the people involved from any responsibility. That means when you sign a released for the insurance company has no further obligation to your financial needs. Except in very rare circumstances, that means that your car crash settlement check is the end of the line. If it’s too little, then don’t cash it, and refuse to sign a release.

Many people don’t understand that there is room to negotiate. The insurance companies handle this release form in a way that makes it seem as if this is a one-time opportunity for compensation. Refusing to sign the form does not mean that you don’t need compensation or help. It means that the insurance company has failed in providing you with the expected services and that they should try again.

Call a Car Accident Attorney from Atlanta

An auto accident attorney will look at the key factors of the compensation calculation. Then, they will discuss with you the likelihood of obtaining a larger settlement. Unfortunately, if you’ve cashed the check or signed a release form, there is nothing that an attorney can do for you. Bring in an attorney earlier into the process and try to find someone local. An Atlanta attorney will be more readily available than someone your friend knows from multiple counties away.

A local lawyer will go through the calculations on your needs and look through the claims adjusters’ decisions. Many times these claims adjusters work with numbers provided by the insurance company. Essentially, it means that they are relying on information from within their company rather than a financial professional from the respective industry.

For example, you want someone who is well-experienced in medical billing and finance management to decide the value of your medical expenses. Although they may have your bills in front of them, they may decide that specific tests or procedures aren’t covered without much explanation. Attorneys work with various people across multiple fields to confirm or correct these types of issues in a compensation calculation.

If you haven’t cashed your check or signed a release form, then it is possible to get a car accident attorney on board for this case. It’s not too late as long as there is still an opportunity to negotiate with the insurance companies present on this claim. It’s also possible to move forward towards a civil suit in court if the company refuses to review the compensation offer.

Look Up a Local Car Crash Attorney for Guidance

There’s little opportunity to change your car crash settlement after you accept it from the insurance company. In fact, it may be impossible. What you need to do when you realize that the settlement offer is too low is to seek a higher settlement through negotiations. A personal injury attorney in the Atlanta area may walk you through writing a demand letter or insisting upon negotiations.

The Weinstein Firm is available to help if you’re the victim of a car wreck. The Atlanta area experiences accidents daily, and the victims of those crashes are often underrepresented. Don’t get caught paying off expenses from this crash years from now.

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