Rollover Accidents in Atlanta: Avoiding Them

rollover accidents

Rollover accidents are among the most common types of traffic crashes in Atlanta. Unfortunately, they’re also among the most dangerous ones.  If you’re a victim of a vehicle rollover, you’ll need an Atlanta personal injury attorney to help you fight for compensation. That’s especially if you’ve suffered devastating and catastrophic injuries like internal organ damage, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, etc.

Rollover crashes occur when a vehicle overturns. Sometimes, the automobile will roll multiple times before resting on its sides or upside down. With each tumble, the probability of sustaining severe bodily harm and property damage increases. That’s especially if the vehicle occupants weren’t using their seat belts when the accident happened.

According to statistics, 6,358 passenger vehicle occupants died due to vehicle rollovers in 2019. The report also mentions that rollover crashes accounted for 28% of all passenger vehicle occupant deaths in the same year.

Given these reports, every motorist in Atlanta must employ the best strategies to prevent automobile rollovers. This article focuses on the essential cues to preventing rollover accidents in the city.

Types of Vehicle Rollover Accidents in Atlanta 

Rollover accidents can either be tripped or untripped:

  • Tripped Rollover Accidents

A tripped rollover occurs when a tripping force makes the vehicle flip. This typically happens when your car loses control after hitting something on the road or sliding into a curb. In some cases, tripped rollovers happen upon collision with another automobile, especially larger vehicles and trucks.

  • Untripped Rollover Accidents

In untripped rollovers, your car doesn’t hit any external object or another vehicle. Instead, they occur due to numerous factors like the automobile’s speed, forces of gravity, forceful turns, etc. While untripped rollovers may not be as common as tripped rollovers, they’re pretty much as deadly.

How To Prevent Rollover Collisions 

Here’s how you can avoid being in a vehicle rollover:

  • Avoid Fast Turns 

You must exercise caution when turning or taking corners. Speeding around bends can result in untripped rollovers. That’s especially when the vehicle’s tires are unbalanced. Be cautious on rural roads, too, as undivided highways put you at higher risk of a rollover.

  • Ensure That Your Tire Pressure Is Balanced 

The more unbalanced your tire pressure is, the more likely you will be in a rollover accident. So, you must check your tires all the time and update your vehicle with the latest safety regulations.

Also exercise caution when changing tires or while balancing tire pressures. Replace old tires with new ones that are identical to the original ones.

  • Don’t Tailgate  

Remember that tripped rollovers can happen when you hit a larger vehicle. So, it’s always a good idea not to follow any automobile too closely, especially if they’re trucks. Avoiding tailgating ensures that you have enough time to avoid collisions when the driver in your front makes a mistake.

  • Never Overload Your Automobile 

Just as balancing tire pressure enables you to avoid rollovers, balanced loading helps too. When stacking items in your vehicle, ensure that the weight is evenly distributed.

Also, avoid overloading your car. The weightier the cargo, the more unstable your automobile becomes. Unstable vehicles are more likely to flip than stable ones.

  • Avoid Panic Driving 

Panic driving makes you susceptible to deadly errors on the road. It keeps you distracted, limits your ability to make rational decisions, and makes you lose control of your vehicle.

Signs of driving-related anxiety and panic include heart palpitations, sweating, overwhelming thoughts, etc. See a therapist if you typically experience any or more of the above symptoms when driving.

What’s the Best Protection in a Vehicle Rollover?

Obeying all traffic rules puts you at low risk of a rollover accident. However, you can’t predict the actions of other motorists who can quickly put you in danger through their reckless driving. So, apart from driving correctly, you must protect yourself from severe injuries if someone else makes your vehicle rolls over.

The best protection against rollover crashes is the proper use of seatbelts and airbags. According to NHTSA, 47% of passenger vehicle occupants killed in road accidents in 2019 were unrestrained. Also, airbags will offer you the best protection when you’re also using a seatbelt.

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