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Everyone talks about the right of way when it comes to driving, but who really knows what they’re talking about? It seems like every angry driver who was just in a wreck gets out of the car, claiming that they had the right of way. This is pretty reasonable because the right of way in Atlanta is not as clear as it could be. Determining the right of way is not as simple as referencing your Georgia drivers Handbook.

Pick up these tidbits of information to get a better grasp on what right of way means and how you should use it when you’re behind the wheel. It isn’t just about letting other people go in front of you or being a passive driver. In fact, ignoring the right of way to allow someone else to go when it was your return many cause traffic accidents. For more information, contact our Atlanta car accident attorneys right away.

Right-of-Way – Legality or Turn-of-Phrase?

Most people use the term “right of way” to justify or proclaim that they had the right to go first in a traffic situation. That, however, is not the legal definition. Right-of-way refers to traffic patterns and the flow of traffic. But to outright say, “I had the right of way” is not often as accurate as people believe it to be.

How to Determine Who Has the Right of Way

You should expect most situations involving the right of way to be very transparent. Stoplights at intersections and direct right of way. There’s a clear pattern of allowing the driver to the right at a stop sign intersection to have the right of way. However, there are times when it is not clear, and even experienced drivers have trouble understanding how to determine who has the right of way in specific situations.

For example, a yield sign is a huge challenge for many drivers because it’s asking you to survey a large area of the road for other vehicles while still driving and act in the most appropriate and safe manner.

Outside of the yield sign example, there are many times when the right of way isn’t really a question. If you see a pedestrian in a crosswalk, they have the right of way. If you see someone walking with a white cane or a seeing-eye dog, they have the red of way.

Open Streets, and Roundabouts

Open streets and roundabouts cause the most problems with the right of way because it’s never clear who exactly should yield. What comes into action here is merging. The action of merging is what you go through when you’re entering a street from a connected street that does not have a stop sign or stoplight. Additionally, roundabouts called for three or more points of merging.

Whenever you’re emerging, the right of way always goes to the vehicles which are already in motion or on the street that you’re attempting to enter. That means you have to yield until it is safe to enter.

Right of Way Signs and Permits

Atlanta, like most Metropolitan areas, is constantly under construction. The city’s Department of Public Works does allow construction crews, contractors, and the Department of City Planning to arrange for a change a road’s right of way. Basically, if there is construction, then the right of way on that particular street may change temporarily.

They can submit these permits for temporary signs through the Department of Public Works, although these signs should have either have a clear date for the work and job completion. Or the sign should be clearly temporary. Often changes with right of way happen when crews are working on or near an intersection, working with utility lines that interfere with an intersection or have open trenches. If the right of way changes severely, you may see traffic control on-site to help direct drivers through these changes.

Hit When You Had the Right of Way? Call an Atlanta Auto Accident Attorney

If you were in a car accident where you believe you had the right of weight, you need to contact in Atlanta auto accident attorney. You need a legal professional to look out for your best interests during the resolution of this case because it is likely that the at-fault driver may be fighting the claim. Often right away situations take some time to sort out, and in the meantime, it can make your recovery and current situation even more difficult to handle.

When you’re ready to look for a local Atlanta car crash attorney, you should schedule a consultation with the Weinstein Firm. At the Weinstein firm, we value your goals in the crash resolution and stand by what you believe is in your best interest.

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