Would Your Personal Injury Lawyer Ever Recommend that You Not Sue?

Why should you hire a Swainsboro hit and run accident lawyer?

When somebody wrongs you, the last thing you want to hear is to just “let it go.” Our natural inclination is to want them to be held accountable for what they did. The same principle works when you get into an accident. Whether it’s a slip and fall case or a car accident, you want the other party taken to task. Atlanta personal injury lawyers are in business for this very reason. They understand that you want justice. They also understand that you expect to be compensated for your losses.

In order to find out if you have a potential legal claim, you need to talk to an experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer. They can review your case and let you know how to proceed. Hopefully, they’ll give you the news that you’ve been waiting to hear. But there are times when you may be surprised by your attorney’s news. If your Atlanta personal injury tells you that it may not be worth filing suit, you need to take their advice to heart. They have your best interests in mind. They also don’t want to waste anybody’s time – yours or theirs.

There is a Rule Against Filing a Frivolous Lawsuit

If, after reviewing your case, your Atlanta personal injury lawyer doesn’t believe you have a valid claim, they’ll advise you to do nothing. They aren’t going to file a frivolous lawsuit. This can tarnish their reputation. Of course, you can ask the other party to compensate you. Your attorney can even send them a letter imploring them to do the right thing. But if your lawyer doesn’t think you have a chance of winning, they’re not going to want to waste your time or theirs. The same is true if they don’t think your case is worth very much. For example, if you fell in the grocery store but didn’t get hurt, what are you going to sue for? In order to get you damages, your Atlanta personal injury lawyer must prove two things. First, they need to prove that the defendant was negligent. Second, they must prove that you suffered damages. If they can’t do that, there’s no point in filing a lawsuit.

The Defendant May Have No Assets or Resources

Even if you have a great shot at winning, your attorney has to be smart. If the defendant has nothing, it may not be worth pursuing. If you win in court, the judge will issue a judgment against the other party. Then you must execute that judgment. This means you’ll have to go after their wages, bank accounts, or real property. If they don’t have any property, it may not be worth going after them at all. It’s hard to tap into something wages and bank accounts these days. This means you’ll have a judgment that isn’t worth more than the paper it was printed on.

You May Have Missed the Statute of Limitations Period

Another big reason why an Atlanta personal injury lawyer may not want to handle your case is if you’ve missed the filing deadline. If you don’t file your lawsuit before the statute of limitations period is over, your case will be dismissed. Your attorney isn’t going to want to waste their time only to find out you’ve run out of time.

Call and Talk to an Experienced Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer as Soon as Possible

If you or your loved one are hurt in any sort of accident, we understand you want justice. However, unless you have a valid claim for damages, there may be no reason to sue. Even if you’re angry and want the defendant to pay, your Atlanta personal injury lawyer must follow the law. If legally you don’t have a leg to stand on, you can’t file a lawsuit. If you do, the court may discount your complaint as nothing more than a frivolous lawsuit. This can cause problems for both you and your attorney.

Rather than risk that happening, you should just meet with an Atlanta personal injury lawyer before you do anything. If your attorney thinks you have a strong case, they’ll let you know. They may even give you an idea of what your case is worth. But if they don’t think your claim has merit, they’ll let you know that too. Even if you don’t want to hear it, they’re going to be honest with you.

Call our office today and schedule your free initial consultation. Take the time to sit down and have an experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer review your case. The consultation is free, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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