What to Do When You Have PTSD After a Crash

What to Do When You Have PTSD After a Crash

It’s not as uncommon as many people might tell you. In fact, you’ll come to notice many people that flinch as a passenger or who hover about 5 miles per hour under the speed limit. PTSD after a crash is not uncommon, especially after a bad accident. Unfortunately, this diagnosis carries some stigma with it as well.

An Atlanta car accident lawyer will be able to help. With legal guidance in Atlanta, you can show how your mental state is significantly changed from before the crash.

What a Diagnosis of PTSD After a Crash Means for You

After a crash, it may come to you as a surprise that you’re at risk for PTSD as well as developing anxiety and even depression. These disorders or mental health concerns are often set off by trauma. Although car accidents happen every day, your car accident may have been exceptionally traumatic, which could trigger this disorder.

Approximately 39.2% of those involved in serious auto accidents were diagnosed or showed PTSD symptoms after a crash. That means that the mental health issue is not exclusive to the most serious or traumatic accidents, but more than a third of all accidents.

On an individual level, there are some variances, but not many, when it comes to the feelings associated with PTSD after a wreck. Survivors will likely experience shock, anger, worry, uneasiness, and possibly guilt. Even those who did not cause the crash can experience guilt, particularly if there were victims who did not survive.

A PTSD diagnosis is often confirmation for the person that they cannot stop replaying to the crash in their mind and that it is affecting their everyday life. A diagnosis may mean medical treatment, along with long-term therapy. The degree and duration of therapy will depend on your mental state and your needs.

Finding Support and Therapy

Initially, you’ll be going through your healthcare provider or the medical professionals who helped you after the crash. Many doctors are capable of identifying symptoms of PTSD and referring victims to a psychiatrist. That referral is the starting point for many people toward a mental health betterment plan.

PTSD may not have a recovery, and this may be a level of stress, fear, or anxiety that you live with for the rest of your life. Essentially, you’ll need compensation to help cover your medical costs associated with the disorder for many years to come, not just for the treatment you’ve received. In dealing with legal matters and steps for handling compensation, that means involving a medical expert witness. This witness should be able to provide testimony with an estimation of your future medical needs.

When it comes to support you may turn to any number of groups. Not only is group therapy effective, but it’s readily available. Always consider your options for seeking support outside of the one-on-one therapy sessions you will have with a psychiatrist.

How to Search for a Car Accident Lawyer in Atlanta, GA

When looking for an attorney, you want someone in Atlanta who will also take your case seriously and dedicate the time necessary for a successful resolution. Most people look for attorneys online, or through directories, but don’t simply choose a name.

Schedule a consultation and set up a meeting so you can ensure that you and that attorney are a good fit. For you to work together well, you’ll want to see how they handle cases and how they handle you. If you arrive for the consultation to meet with a paralegal and receive a quote, then you’re not getting the one-on-one attention you need.

Look for attorneys who are local, familiar with Atlanta systems, and understand your medical needs. They shouldn’t want to rush you through for a quick, but low, settlement. Instead, they should help you decide upon a fair settlement and fight for that. If it’s not available through negotiations, then you’ll want to move forward to court.

For PTSD After a Crash, Contact an Auto Accident Attorney

When working with Atlanta car wreck attorneys, you much give special consideration to their circle or resources. If you have PTSD, then you need an attorney that can bring in key witnesses to make statements on the nature of your injuries and possible recovery. At The Weinstein Firm, we make a great effort to utilize all of our resources in a way the befits each of our clients.

Contact The Weinstein Firm now to learn more about what resources are available for your case and how they can help strengthen your claim.

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