What Can I Do to Protect My Rights After a Car Crash?

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When you’re involved in any car accident, seeking monetary compensation isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. Instead, you’re often concerned about your rights after a car crash, any injuries you sustained, and taking legal action or speaking with an Atlanta car wreck lawyer only comes later.

However, if you sustain injuries in a car accident, there might be a need for extensive medical treatments, leading to enormous medical bills. Taking legal action allows your attorney to seek compensation for you while you focus on healing yourself. But not taking the proper steps after your car accident could negatively affect your chances.

This article will walk you through the crucial steps you need to take to protect your rights after a car crash. It ensures that there are no stumbling blocks on the way when you pursue damages.

Atlanta Car Wreck Lawyer Explains What to Do to Protect Your Legal Rights After a Car Crash

Many factors threaten your legal rights after a car crash. Therefore, you need to take the steps below to protect these rights. Failure to protect your rights could cause you to lose the compensation you’re entitled to receive.

  • Seek Medical Attention

When you’ve been in a car accident, the first thing you should do is consider your well-being. Check to see if you were injured and the type of injuries you suffered. If you have severe injuries, seek medical care immediately.

You can attend to other responsibilities concerning the accident after you’ve seen a medical professional. Some injuries like whiplash don’t show symptoms until after 24 hours of the accident. Ensure you see the doctor once you start experiencing symptoms.

While seeking medical attention, ensure you catalog your injuries and take note of the medical bills and doctor notes, as your Atlanta car wreck lawyer can use them as evidence to show your physical damages and protect your rights after a car crash.

  • Call the Police

The next crucial step you need to take is to call the police after the accident. Calling the police is essential because they will create a report detailing the car accident scene.

The police report usually contains information about the accident’s location, cause, and who the police believe is at fault. Sometimes, it also includes the contact information of the at-fault party and their insurance carrier.

If you don’t call the police, they won’t be able to gather this information which would significantly hurt your case and you won’t be able to protect your rights after a car crash. Ensure you request a copy of this accident report once it is ready.

Your Atlanta car wreck lawyer can use this report as evidence when filing a claim for damages. Ensure that nothing is amiss with the report. If there is a problem with the report, take notes and share your concerns with the Atlanta Police Department.

  • Don’t Trust the At-Fault Driver

Another way to protect your legal rights after a car crash in Atlanta is not to trust the at-fault driver. They might try to persuade you not to involve the police and instead settle things between the two of you.

This is always a red flag, and you shouldn’t agree to it. The motorist may not have enough insurance or hold a suspended driver’s license. Protect your rights after a car crash by calling the police even if the at-fault driver doesn’t want that.

  • Document the Scene

Ensure you document the scene by taking several pictures. Take photos of the accident scene, landmarks, the location of each vehicle after the accident, and every other detail. If you sustained injuries, take pictures of them, including that of passengers (if any).

Suppose there are damages to your vehicle. Document them for your Atlanta car wreck lawyer. One important thing to note is to ensure the accident date appears on the photo to ensure easy reference. If you can’t access your phone immediately, ask any witnesses to help you take pictures you can revert to.

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  • Talk to the Witnesses

Most times, people are present to witness a car accident. If there were any witnesses during your car accident, talk to them and obtain their contact information.

The more witnesses are available to testify, the stronger your claim would be. Once you get their contact information, your car wreck lawyer can reach out to them for statements to support your case.

  • Complete Medical Treatments

Once you see a medical practitioner who prescribes a treatment plan, you must follow the prescription. Don’t miss out on appointments with therapists, doctors, and other specialists.

When you skip appointments or do not follow the doctor’s advice to the letter, the at-fault party’s insurance carrier could assume your injuries are not as you claimed. They could use this to devalue your case significantly.

Suppose there are recommendations by your doctor that you disagree with. Simply seek second opinions instead of refusing all treatments. Seeking and following up on proper medical treatments is essential to protecting your rights after a car crash and proving your claim.

  • Take Notes

It’s also a great idea to always take notes of everything you remember relating to the incident. For example, noting down how your injuries feel can help you claim pain and suffering. Also, write down the conversations with the other driver’s insurance company.

Take careful notes of the dates and times of all occurrences. You should also note the full names and contact details of everyone involved in the incident. A notebook can come in handy, allowing you to write down every vital information about the accident you can remember.

  • Have Your Car Inspected

Your Atlanta car wreck lawyer can help you protect your rights after a car crash and seek compensation for your vehicle if they know the full extent of the damage. First, therefore, have your vehicle inspected and get an estimate for repairs needed.

You can go the extra mile of visiting multiple mechanics and getting an estimate of the costs. Doing this provides you with a good idea of the worth of your property damage.

Sometimes the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier will ask you to visit a third-party company to get your car inspected when making a claim. However, having an idea of the worth of the property damage will help your Atlanta car accident lawyer negotiate the value of the damages and protect your rights after a car crash.

Your Atlanta Car Wreck Lawyer Can Help You Build a Strong Claim

There are several methods to protect your rights after a car crash in Atlanta. If you follow the steps above, then it would be easier to make a claim and receive maximum financial compensation for your damages.

However, there is no substitute for professional legal advice. You need a legal team to ensure your claim is safe and you get the compensation you deserve. Our car accident lawyers help protect your right and ensure the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier doesn’t take advantage of you.

We’ve been helping accident victims receive the maximum compensation they deserve for years, and we can do the same for you. So, contact the Weinstein Firm today to get started on your car accident claim with a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta.

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