How to Preserve Video Evidence After a Car Accident in Atlanta

Phone Showing Video Evidence of a Car Accident

You might have to pursue financial compensation and contact an Atlanta auto accident lawyer if you’ve suffered injuries in an automobile accident. Different types of evidence might support your claim, but not all are important.

Therefore, it is essential to compile as much proof as possible and preserve any evidence that could get damaged. Doing this is critical, as you cannot get adequately compensated if there is no proof to support your claim.

Substantial evidence is essential for establishing a successful claim because it shows what caused the accident and how you suffered injuries and other losses. Video evidence is one crucial piece of evidence that is vital to your car accident claim.

So, this article will discuss the different types of accident evidence and how to preserve video evidence. We will also cover the various sources of video evidence. If you or a loved one are victims of an auto crash, our legal team at The Weinstein Firm can help. Contact us immediately.

What Are the Different Types of Car Accident Evidence?

Any evidence collected from the scene of an automobile accident can be beneficial in demonstrating that the other driver was at fault. Usually, lawyers investigate to locate every piece of information since providing solid proof is crucial to proving your case.

Once they have obtained all the relevant information, attorneys evaluate it to determine which pieces will best support their case. The following are the crucial proof needed to win an accident claim:

  • Police Reports

No matter how severe the accident is, you need to call the police so they can examine the scene and write a report. The police officer typically records information in a police report such as the road and weather conditions, position and damage of the vehicles, location of the traffic signals, drivers’ and eyewitnesses’ comments, and whether any driver received traffic tickets.

  • Debris, Tire, and Skid Marks

Debris, tire, skid marks, or dented railings from the accident scene are also crucial proof. They point to the victim’s speed before the collision and the impact force.

  • Witness Statements

A witness’s statement of the accident is another crucial piece of evidence. It is best to gather their account of the events of the accident before it fades from their memory.

  • Medical Records

A medical record covers your injuries, the severity, the tests conducted, and the treatment. It also includes the impact of the damage on your life, whether you need therapy or treatment costs. Therefore, your medical record is crucial for getting maximum compensation.

  • Audio or Video Recordings

Your personal testimony is essential information. However, it is more effective if backed with audio and video recordings. A video is usually undisputed evidence as it shows how the accident happened and helps to identify the at-fault party.

Car Accident in Atlanta

When Can Video Be Used as Evidence in a Car Accident Case in Atlanta?

Video is one of the most vital pieces of evidence in a car accident case. Video evidence is crucial for the following reasons:

  • Shows the entire scene of your accident
  • Displays the specific events that led to the collision
  • Indicates that the negligent motorist used drugs or alcohol before your accident
  • Demonstrates the at-fault motorist acting recklessly, for example, driving while distracted
  • Illustrates a driver escaping the scene of your collision
  • Gives other relevant information about an accident

Sources of Video Evidence After a Car Accident in Atlanta, Georgia

Many video footage can serve as evidence of your car accident in Atlanta. Your attorney may collect this evidence from you, a passenger, the at-fault driver, and witnesses.

Some of the common sources for video evidence are:

  • Live recordings on social media
  • A traffic camera
  • Body-worn or head cameras
  • Dashcam video
  • Domestic or commercial security cameras
  • Cameras at intersections

Note that the device recording the video may be private or public property. As such, you can’t just get them. Instead, you must make a formal request, and an Atlanta auto accident lawyer can help you secure them.

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Explains How to Preserve a Video Evidence

When investigating a car accident, your lawyer would inspect the area of the collision to determine whether cameras are present. They will also check your car and that of the other driver to see if there is a dashcam. If the crash happened within a residential area, your lawyer would check to see if security cameras are facing the accident area.

If there are, the attorney will immediately request a copy of the video from the government entity in charge of the traffic camera or the owner of the dashcam or home surveillance footage. It is essential to begin the video evidence collection process immediately because visual recordings are only available for 72 hours before getting deleted or copied over.

To preserve the video evidence after collection, you or your lawyer can store, encrypt, or copy it into another file. As mentioned, you cannot just request the video footage. Therefore, your legal representative must do the following:

  • Locate companies with video surveillance or traffic cameras close to the accident area
  • Contact the people who own and operate the cameras
  • Fill out any paperwork and provide any information necessary to get you the video evidence
  • Send, receive, and evaluate the required video files
  • Verify that the video documentation will support a personal injury claim

Additionally, it’s critical to understand that while video evidence may strengthen an injured driver’s case, improper use of some recorded material may have a detrimental effect on a claim or settlement. Therefore, hand over any video evidence to your legal team as they know what to do with it.

Were You Involved in a Car Accident? Contact an Atlanta Auto Accident Lawyer Today

Car accidents can be extremely draining and expensive due to the numerous damages they cause. You will need the legal assistance of injury attorneys to help you navigate the settlement claim process and protect your rights.

Work with a lawyer at The Weinstein Firm to ensure that you have all the evidence to prove your case. Our team will gather and preserve all proofs to ensure they remain unaltered. Our lawyers will also guide you throughout the whole process.

They will inform you if your case qualifies for compensation and the estimated amount they can recover as a settlement. So, if you or a loved one are victims of an auto collision, contact our injury attorneys in Atlanta immediately for a free consultation. We work on a contingency fee basis and do not charge upfront fees.

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