What Should You Bring to Your Initial Consultation With a Morrow Injury Lawyer?

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It’s hard to watch television today without seeing an advertisement from an accident attorney in Morrow. They all promise their clients a free, initial consultation. However, they don’t really explain how you should prepare for this meeting. Here, we’ll explain what you should bring with you to your initial meeting with your Morrow injury lawyer.

One of the Most Important Things You Need to Bring Is a Copy of the Police Report

If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident, there should be an official police report on file. When the cops come out to the accident scene, they’ll do a thorough investigation.

The officer will put all of their notes in this final report. Your Morrow injury lawyer needs this report in order to prove your case. There is information in that report that your accident attorney in Morrow cannot get any other way.

Your Morrow Injury Lawyer Needs the Report to Prove Fault

Our goal is to get our clients as much money as possible. If they were hurt in an accident, the person responsible for the crash needs to be held accountable. Ideally, the insurance company would have paid your claim right away. If that didn’t happen, you may need to take legal action.

Before your Morrow injury lawyer can demand damages, they need to prove the defendant was negligent. This will require the detailed information contained in the police report.

What Information is Contained in the Police Report?

Most of the information in the police report cannot be accessed any other way. For example, your accident attorney in Morrow cannot track down witnesses without their contact information.

Some of the critical information contained in the police report includes:

  • Statements made by both drivers
  • Pictures of the accident scene and vehicles
  • Name, license number, registration information, and insurance information for each of the drivers
  • Names and contact information for any eyewitnesses
  • Statements made by the eyewitnesses
  • Description of the road conditions
  • Description of the accident scene
  • Information on whether any tickets were issued at the scene

As you can see, most of this information becomes inaccessible after the accident scene is cleared.

Your Accident Attorney in Morrow Needs a Copy of All Correspondence from the Insurance Company

From the moment you report your accident to the insurance company, they will start sending you various types of correspondence. You will receive letters, emails, and even text messages.

It’s crucial that you keep all of this together so you can give it to your injury lawyer in Morrow, GA. Not only will this information help give your accident attorney in Morrow an idea of what happened. It will also help your attorney look for information they didn’t already have.

personal injury lawyer in Morrow, Georgia.

This Includes a Copy of Your Denial Letter if Your Claim Was Denied by the Insurance Carrier

If your claim was denied, the insurance company is required to let you know in writing. You should have a hard copy letter of denial that outlines why your claim was denied. You don’t want to settle for a verbal confirmation that your claim won’t be paid.

Your Morrow injury lawyer needs this letter. It will help them determine whether it’s worth filing an appeal. It will also let your accident attorney in Morrow know what the insurance company’s intentions are.

Try to Secure a Copy of Your Medical Records in Advance

It can take weeks or longer to get a copy of your medical records. A lot of our clients are frustrated by this. If it’s your health records, why can’t you just pay for a copy? The reason why it feels like you have to jump through hoops is because of the HIPPA laws.

If the hospital or practice were to release a patient’s information to the wrong party, they would be sued for an extraordinary amount of money. Therefore, the hospital or doctor’s office will be reluctant to give anybody a copy without making an official request in writing.

We Suggest You Fax or Email This Information to Your Morrow Injury Lawyer Ahead of Time

We recommend that you fax or scan and email all your information to your Morrow injury lawyer ahead of time. This gives your attorney a chance to review your case before you ever step foot into the office. It may be a good idea to call and ask the attorney how they would like this information to be sent over.

What this also does is ensure that your free, initial consultation is meaningful. If you have to waste a bunch of time going over this information, your attorney won’t be able to focus on your case.

You’ll Want Your Accident Attorney in Morrow to Have Time to Review it Before Your Consultation

Once you schedule your free, initial consultation, you should give your accident attorney in Morrow a few days to digest the information you provide. This will give them a chance to see if your case is worth pursuing.

It will also help them come up with a game plan for how to proceed with your case. Of course, they will likely need more information as your case wears on.

For example, you may need to get payroll records to show how much you suffered in lost wages. The same is true of tax records. If you need to prove your lost future income, this will be the best way to do it.

Don’t Wait Too Long to Reach Out to an Experienced Morrows Injury Lawyer

If you were hurt in a car accident, there’s no reason to think that the insurance company won’t pay your claim. This is why it’s so frustrating when you find out your claim has been denied. Rather than try to deal with this on your own, you should call a seasoned Morrow injury lawyer.

We offer all new clients a free, initial consultation. Now, after reading this article, you have an idea of what to expect at your first meeting with an experienced accident attorney in Morrow.

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