The Importance of the Police Report after a Car Accident in Atlanta

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Accidents are devastating events for anyone that is involved. They lead to many losses especially those caused by injuries and of course property loss. One of the first actions that one is told to take is to call the police. You are required not to move your car from the area of the incident until the police arrive at the scene. The police are essential in an accident since they start investigations into what happened and who caused the crash. They take statements from all the people that were involved, to get a clear account of what happened. The main reason for this is because they include this in their police report.

After an accident, it is essential that you also inform your attorney about it. He will want a copy of the police report to prepare for your case. An informed and experienced Atlanta car accident attorney will ensure that you are in great hands.

Why Is a Police Report after an Accident Important to Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer?

Many things are contained in the police report that is essential for you to know. However one of the main reasons for getting the report is for making an insurance claim. However, there are more reasons why you need this crucial document such as:

  • It contains the necessary details of the crash. It will include the location, date and time when the Atlanta, GA accident occurred. This is important to know when making an insurance claim so that it is within the limitation period.
  • Details of those involved. Even though you had already exchanged contact information, it is crucial that it be included in the report. It also contains details of any witnesses who are essential for investigations.
  • Gives an account of what happened. The Atlanta, GA police will require statements from the drivers involved as well as witnesses. That is done to get an account of what happened, which is essential to know the guilty party.
  • Visible damages and injuries. It also contains an account of any visible injuries on those involved in the accident. There is also a description of the losses to each of the vehicles, which is an important area, especially to insurance companies.
  • Pictures of the scene of the accident. These are important for providing further proof on what may have happened. It also helps in determining the extent of damages when seeking compensation.
  • Conditions during the time of the accident. It will include details such as the weather conditions and state of the road when the crash happened. This helps in analyzing the cause of the crash.

All these details are essential not only in finding out what happened but when making an insurance claim. Your lawyer will need a copy of the report so that in case of anything he can defend you adequately. That is why it is critical to get in touch with an Atlanta, GA attorney immediately after the crash.

How to Georgia Car Accident Lawyer Obtains a Police Report

It may take a couple of days for the police to prepare and make the report available. Therefore, it is not possible to get it immediately after the crash. You can quickly gain access to it by downloading it online. You are required to provide:

  • Your name and date of the accident.
  • Your driver’s license number.
  • The police report number which you should have obtained after reporting the crash.

It costs about $11 to get the report in Atlanta, GA if you get it online. However, if you go straight to the station where they made the statement it should cost only $5. In case you are unable to get the report yourself your attorney will get it. He is in the best position to pick it and review it for any important details that will help you. He can use the information in the report to make your claim for both physical and property damages.

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No matter the kind of accident you had, having a lawyer with you will make your work a lot easier. Your lawyer will make sure that they serve justice. It is vital that you have an experienced injury lawyer whether you are to blame or not. The Weinstein Firm gives you access to some of the most experienced car accident attorneys in Atlanta, GA. It doesn’t matter the complexities of your case; we have a team that is ready to take it. Talk to us today and let us find a way to help you out.

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