One Dead After Savannah Post Office Crash

On Monday, March 8th, a news report disclosed that one person died and several others sustained injuries after an elderly woman crashed into a crowded post office. The Savannah post office crash happened before noon on Saturday, March 6th. 

The Savannah Police said they are working to find out more about the collision at the Eisenhower Drive Post Office. The preliminary investigation disclosed that the woman was trying to park her Toyota Corolla when she mistakenly stepped on the gas instead of the brake. 

The act caused the car to jump a curb, crashing through the glass window into the building’s front. Two customers and one employee suffered injuries and ended up receiving treatment at an area hospital. The Savannah Fire reports showed that they had to extricate trapped victims from the building. 

The department said two of the trapped victims were severely injured and one critical. Several others suffered minor injuries. Another customer, identified as Jessie Allen, 67, died as a result of her wounds. The 82-year-old Toyota driver was uninjured. 

The investigation into the Savannah post office crash is ongoing, but the police have determined that it was an accident. The latter implies that it was a chance-event and was not planned by the at-fault driver. 

Generally, older drivers can operate a motor vehicle well over 80 and into their 90s if they do not have any impairment. However, they must exercise extra care and caution to avoid traffic collisions of any kind. 

Safety tips for older drivers include driving without impairment, maintaining the speed limit, and wearing their seatbelt always. Avoid driving when tired, and keep every distraction away. If an accident happens, report it to the authorities and call a Georgia accident lawyer for a consultation. 


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