Motorcycle Accident in Columbus Claims the Life of a Teenager

An 18-year-old passed away following a motorcycle accident in Columbus on Tuesday night, March 23rd.  According to the Muscogee County Deputy Coroner Charles Newton, the accident which killed Reese Hooks happened on Miligen Road at about 9 p.m. 

Newton did not disclose the events that led to the crash, but said Hooks’ body had been sent to Atlanta for an autopsy. The Columbus Police are heading the investigation into the occurrence, and it remains ongoing. There is no update about the motorcycle accident in Columbus at this time. 

Motorcycle accidents are not uncommon in Georgia. They can happen alone or in a collision with another bike or motor vehicle. In either case, victims of motorcycle accidents can sustain minor, severe, or fatal injuries, and it is mostly the last two.

There are several causes of crashes involving motorcycles, and one of them is cars making left turns. This is one of the most dangerous situations that motorcycle riders will find themselves in. Cars making left turns hit the two-wheeled drive when going straight through an intersection, trying to pass a vehicle or overtake it. 

Another contributor to motorcycle accidents is hazardous road conditions. Bikes are vulnerable to potholes, slippery surfaces, loose gravel, uneven pavement, and debris on the roadway. The fact that motorcycles do not have the same stability cars increases their chance of crashing. 

Lane splitting by motorcycle riders to get ahead of cars is another factor that leads to accidents. Reckless driving, alcohol or drug impairment, and speeding would also cause collisions of this nature. 

Motorcycle riders must put their safety first and follow the road’s rules to avoid accidents. However, if one occurs and the motorcyclist is not at fault, they can hire a Georgia motorcycle accident lawyer to recover compensation. 


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