BCSO Identifies Man Killed in North Macon Auto-Motorcycle Collision

On Tuesday, March 30th, the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office revealed they identified the motorcyclist killed in a North Macon auto-motorcycle collision. The accident occurred in Macon, and the victim, Tyler Eason, died in Atrium Health Navicent, The Medical Center. 

The sheriff’s office said that the driver of the GMC Yukon involved was uninjured. They identified the motorist as Rodriquez Flores, 41. An earlier news release disclosed that the accident happened near the intersection of Forsyth Road and Wesleyan Drive. 

The BCSO did not state who was at fault in the North Macon auto-motorcycle collision, and the investigation remains ongoing. There is no additional information at this time. 

Auto-motorcycle accidents are not uncommon on Georgia Roadways. It occurs when a motorcycle and a car traveling in the same or opposite directions collide. When this happens, the motorcyclist is more at risk for injuries because of the bike’s open design. 

Common causes of auto-motorcycle collisions are speeding, tailgating, and bad and uneven roads. Drivers suddenly opening their doors can cause an accident, as well as impaired driving by the motorist or motorcycle rider. 

A motorcyclist can reduce the severity of their injuries and possibly avoid death by wearing a safety helmet and safety apparel. Also, it would help if motorcycle riders avoid weaving in and out of traffic, tailgating, and driving while impaired. 

If an accident happens, the investigating authority will look at the facts and crash site to determine the at-fault driver. Once they find the fault party, two things would happen. Depending on the circumstances, the investigators will recommend a criminal charge on one side. 

On the other hand, the fault party could face civil action for personal injury or wrongful death. Find out more about the two and the available compensation from Atlanta motorcycle accident attorneys

Source: https://41nbc.com/2021/03/30/bcso-motorcyclist-dies-north-macon-crash/

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