Car Drove Into an Albany Salon; No Injuries Recorded

A car drove into an Albany salon but did not injure anyone. The accident happened on Wednesday morning, May 12th. A news report disclosed that the vehicle driver failed to stop at a red light. 

The accident happened around 10:27 a.m. at Ethnic Shynes Beauty and Barber Salon. The business is located in the 300 block of West Broad Avenue. According to the Albany Police, the driver of a black Honda Sonata identified as Tykeria Brown, 21, was westbound on West Broad Avenue. She failed to stop at a red light. 

The police said a car traveling south on Jackson Street had the green light. The two vehicles collided, and the Sonata veered off the road and crashed into the salon. The investigators noted no one inside the business suffered severe injuries, but debris struck a few people. 

The police cited Brown for a red light violation and driving without a license. There is no additional information. 

When car accidents happen, it does not only result in injuries or death. Fault drivers and crash victims suffer significant property damages. Either their car gets totaled, or other personal items get destroyed. In other cases, third parties who were not part of the crash also suffer property damages. 

The preceding is expected when the car strikes a parked car, a fence, a mailbox, etc. In that instance, the fault driver will be liable to the property owner for the damage caused. If the responsible party has property liability insurance coverage, their insurer will pay for the damages. If not, they will answer to the property owner in a civil lawsuit. 

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