Auto-Motorcycle Collision in Macon Kills Elderly Man

One person passed away following an auto-motorcycle collision in Macon on Sunday night, March 14th. According to the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office’s press release, the accident occurred before 8:15 p.m. on the 1200 block of Shurling Drive. 

The crash report showed that the motorcyclist was in the turn lane on Shurling Drive when they struck a concrete median. The county sheriff’s office said the motorcycle rider then hit a car that was heading east. 

The Bibb County Coroner’s Office pronounced the motorcyclist dead at the scene. County Chief Coroner Leon James revealed the victim’s identity as James David Seales of Gray. The car driver reported no injuries, but medics took them to Atrium Navicent Health for a medical examination. 

The police did not report any other injury from the auto-motorcycle collision in Macon. The investigation remains active. 

Auto-motorcycle accidents are one of the typical traffic collisions with fatal consequences. Often, a motorcycle’s open design affects the motorcyclist, and they suffer severe or fatal injuries. 

Some of the causes of this accident type are unsafe lane changes and drivers suddenly opening car doors and speeding. Driving over the speed limit makes it hard to slow down in time to avoid a collision. Other causes are lane splitting, driving under the influence, sudden stops from motor vehicles, motorcycle defects, and adverse road conditions. 

Inexperienced drivers are also part of the causes of auto-motorcycle accidents and drivers misjudging distances. The only way to avoid collisions of this nature is by following the road’s rules and putting safety first. 

Safety tips for motorcycle riders involve wearing a safety helmet and apparel and driving within the speed limit. In the event of an accident, those involved should remain at the scene, call the authorities, and speak with a Georgia car accident lawyer


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