Atlanta Residents Demand Change After Teenager Killed In Accident

A local Atlanta, Georgia community and its residents are demanding changes. This is in response to a situation where a vehicle hit and killed a teenager who was on his way to the local school. The accident took place in heavy traffic on Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway.

Rolanda Powell is the president of the Center Hill Neighborhood Association. She says that community residents have been advocating for a crosswalk to be put into place there for the last decade. Students are far from the only ones at risk, as senior citizens are also at risk at Johnny B. Moore. She considers this unfair and is frustrated with the lack of progress over the years.

Jermaine Wallace Jr. was the teen crossing the four lanes of roadway trying to get to school. Local law enforcement reported that a white Camero struck him. The hit happened with enough force to put the teen into the air momentarily.

Medics responded and then rushed the teen to a local hospital where he listed as being in serious condition. Hospital officials confirmed his death early the following day.

Dustin Hills is an Atlanta City Councilman who shared Powell’s concerns. He noted that numerous accidents and reports have taken place, but even despite petitions and calls for action, nothing has changed. The stretch of road along which the teen got hit has no crosswalks of any kind for almost a mile, even though there are stores and residential communities throughout the area.

Calls for action have come from numerous establishments and organizations along the route, including a senior high rise facility, Center Hill park, a city park, and the APD Zone 1 precinct. In regards to collected accident data, this particular parkway ranks among Atlanta’s top five most overall dangerous roadways.

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