Arrowhead Clinic in Albany Explains What To Do After a Minor Car Accident

Arrowhead Clinic in Albany is one of the top chiropractic practices in Georgia. In an interview on Monday, February 22nd, the leading Albany Chiropractor, Dr. Antjuan Mitchell, warned victims not to underestimate a minor car accident. He asked them to seek immediate medical attention even if they feel fine.

Dr. Mitchell went on to add that just because a crash is minor does not mean that people should treat it that way. He said victims of a minor car accident should see a chiropractor immediately after. The sooner the person gets checked out, the better. 

The medical personnel believes that early medical examination relieves the victim of motor vehicle crashes of stress. It sends a message that there’s nothing to worry about. It also helps the early detection of a hidden injury, ensuring that it does not turn chronic. 

Additionally, getting an early medical diagnosis comes in handy when making a personal injury claim against the negligent driver. It also helps to strengthen the victim’s case. Another consequence of not seeking immediate medical attention is losing the right to make an insurance claim. 

If there’s no evidence of the victim getting treated, the insurance company might assume the victim was uninjured. Also, Dr. Mitchell stressed that injuries always worsen, and early treatment has no substitute. Lastly, the doctor advised victims to ensure they document every step of their treatment. 

Minor car accidents occur when there’s no severe damage to the vehicles involved or injury to the parties. It can affect a single driver or multiple motorists. If it’s the latter, it is vital to identify the at-fault driver to enable the victim to claim damages if they choose. Contact a Georgia car accident lawyer to find out more. 


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