Motorcycle Hit-and-Run Accidents

Motorcycle Hit and Run Accidents

Motorcyclists look like the rulers of the road. They weave between lanes and often with very little protection. However, motorcyclists are often very safe drivers taking a defensive stance. There’s a lot of concern for riders when it comes to handling accidents. But for vehicle drivers, getting into a crash with a motorcycle is terrifying.

It’s not infrequent for drivers to flee the scene when they believe that they may have inadvertently caused severe damage or even death. If there’s the chance of finding the driver, they will not only face charges for things such as reckless driving if that was the case but also for leaving the scene. In some cases, they could have charges put against them for possibly leaving a motorcyclist for dead after a motorcycle hit-and-run accident.

Finding Evidence of the Motorcycle Hit-and-Run

After your crash, the first thing you need to do is seek medical attention. The police will definitely talk to you as soon as possible, and you need to convey right away that the other driver fled the scene. A hit-and-run is a big deal, but it’s often hard to find evidence to support your claim.

Insurance companies that don’t have proper evidence for the claim will often provide that it’s a single-car accident. Then they won’t do much else to investigate the situation. Evidence from the hit-and-run can include eyewitnesses as well as video evidence.

Fortunately for many riders, cameras from the city or from nearby businesses can help contribute towards support for your claim. In addition to any witness statements that the police took at the scene, a car accident attorney in Atlanta can try to find video evidence.

Identifying nearby cameras is one thing, but it’s likely that obtaining the evidence won’t be so easy.

Involving the Police is Critical

If you took on any injuries, it’s likely that the police were involved. In fact, you may not have even been able to do things like taking photos at the scene. Receiving emergency medical attention can really change the outcome of your recovery. But it can also make it difficult to talk to the police right away.

If you didn’t get a chance to speak with the police at the scene, then you should try to focus on writing down a statement or recording it. Taking down your statement can have a substantial impact on the police being able to find the person that took off. Details such as the make, model, and color of the car can help. Even better is some part of the license plate number.

These aspects are probably your best, if not your only chance at finding the driver. If you don’t find the driver, or if the police aren’t able to, you may not have any chance of recovering anything through an insurance claim.

UIM and Coverage Options

Motorcyclists should have UIM because of their increased risk of being victims of motorcycle hit-and-run accidents. UIM is your only option when there’s no one else to hold accountable. UIM is traditionally known as Uninsured or Underinsured motorist coverage. Although these coverage options only have minimal coverage options. This type of compensation can help you recover financially from medical bills, but not much else.

Aside from UIM, there’s the opportunity to pursue compensation through fault. Even if you were partially at fault, it’s likely that you can prove that the other driver was at a greater portion of the fault in the crash. If you can locate the driver, then you can pursue a claim against their insurance company and possibly them individually through a civil case.

The civil case options aren’t always effective. But if their insurance company isn’t able to cover the damages, it’s a reasonable option. You can always speak with an Atlanta auto accident attorney about seeking civil action against the driver.

Contact the Weinstein Firm About Your Motorcycle Hit-and-Run Accident

The Weinstein Firm helps motorcyclists defend themselves against the scrutiny and bad reputation they face. You are the victim, and insurance companies often have a hard time believing that. After a hit-and-run crash, you may not have any clue about how to start your recovery process.

Focus on your medical recovery, which can be painful and time-consuming. Let an Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney take charge of your crash case. Dealing with insurance companies, filing suits when negotiations aren’t reasonable, and handling experts is something you can hand off to an attorney.

Contact The Weinstein Firm to start getting the help you need; with a consultation, you can learn about your options for resolution.

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