How Long Will It Take to Settle My Car Crash Case?

how long does a car accident settlement take

One of the first questions a lot of crash victims ask us is how long their car accident settlement will take. It depends on a lot of factors. How quickly your case settles is not totally under the control of your Fairburn car accident attorney.

In this blog, we’ll explain what things can slow the settlement process down, as well as what factors outside of your case can impact the settlement timetable.

How Long Does the Average Car Accident Settlement Take?

Most car accident lawsuits settle at some point before trial. While some cases do settle in a matter of months, the average time for a personal injury case to settle is closer to two years.

This is one of the reasons why so many car accident lawyers in Fairburn encourage their clients to settle before they file suit. If you can negotiate a settlement with the insurance carrier, you won’t have to worry about things like a busy court docket holding up your case.

There Are Certain Things That Can Delay Your Accident Settlement

There are things out of your attorney’s control that can delay your settlement. Some of these factors are specific to the facts of your case. For example, if your injuries are terribly serious, your car wreck attorney in Fairburn may have no way to determine your damages.

If you end up needing multiple surgeries and physical therapy, it could be a while for your lawyer to calculate your exact damages. They don’t want to settle your case until they know for sure that the settlement amount covers your medical bills.

Another factor that can delay the resolution of your car accident settlement is the insurance company. They may be insistent that you caused the crash. They may feel that their chances of winning, or at least of proving that you were more than 50% at fault are strong.

Is Your Claim Larger Than Other Car Accident Lawsuits?

Insurance companies are not in the business of paying claims. They tend to defend claims that are larger. This way, if they do manage to win at trial, the savings are significant. 

This doesn’t mean that your case won’t settle if your damages are excessively high. It just means that it may take longer. You may also need to compromise a bit more with a larger claim in exchange for an out-of-court settlement.

Were There Multiple Vehicles Involved in the Crash?

If there were more than two vehicles involved in the crash, there’s a good chance it’ll take close to two years (or longer) to resolve your case. Not only are you dealing with two other drivers, but your Fairburn car crash attorney is dealing with two insurance companies.

Even if you were the clear victim in your accident, that doesn’t mean you’ll receive damages right away. It could be a matter of the other two parties battling it out to determine whose client was more at fault.

car accident settlement

In situations like this, there isn’t much your attorney can do to move things along. What they can do is continue to talk to the other two drivers’ attorneys and try to come to some sort of agreement. 

Perhaps they can convince the other two parties to each contribute to the total settlement. Unfortunately, there is only so much power they’ll have over the other parties. 

Keep in mind, however, the judge assigned to your case will encourage all parties involved to settle. The last thing they want to see is your case clogging up their court docket. 

There Are Other Practical Issues Your Fairburn Accident Attorney May Encounter

There are everyday things that can happen to delay the progress in your case. Some of these include:

  • The defendant’s attorney may send endless discovery requests
  • The other driver’s lawyer may be stalling about answering your attorney’s discovery requests
  • The other driver may have moved away or cannot be located
  • Your mediator may reschedule multiple times

All of these things can be extremely frustrating. Unfortunately, they are just a normal part of the legal process. You have to be patient. The last thing you want is for your Fairburn car wreck attorney to settle for less than you deserve because you want things resolved quickly.

The Court May Also Hold Up the Settlement Process

In some of the car accident lawsuits our personal injury attorneys have handled, the case goes as far as trial before it’s settled. If the judge handling your case consistently postpones your trial, it can indirectly delay your settlement.

What your attorney will do is talk to the other side and see if they’ll sit down for a serious discussion. Both sides typically want to settle. It’s just a matter of reaching a fair compromise.

Meet with a Car Accident Lawyer in Fairburn Today

No accident lawyer in Fairburn can guarantee that they’ll settle your case quickly. In fact, they can’t guarantee that you’ll settle at all. However, there are some things your attorney can do to move your car accident settlement along quickly.

If you believe you have a strong case and are looking to settle your case as quickly as possible, call our office at 770-HELP-NOW today and schedule a time to come in for your free consultation.

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