Left Turns: Why Are They So Dangerous in Fairburn

left turns

Left turns can be hard to execute properly on busy motorways. Like other parts of Georgia and the country, Fairburn has had its fair share of road accidents. Depending on the severity of the crash, victims may suffer severe injuries and deaths. According to Road Safety Facts, automobile accident injuries are the leading cause of death among young people. In addition, many of these crashes will lead to personal injury lawsuits and require a Fairburn injury lawyer’s intervention.

From head-on collisions to rear-end accidents and T-bone crashes, you can fall victim to numerous types of accidents in Fairburn. Among these, left turn crashes seem to be the most dangerous ones. This is because left turns are among the riskiest maneuvers a motorist can perform on the highway.

If you want to know why left turns are so hazardous,  this article is for you. We’ll also discuss the ways to make a safe left turn and determine fault if an accident happens.

The Hazards Inherent in Making Left-Handed Turns

Left turns put you at risk of T-bone and head-on collisions because it means you’re trying to maneuver oncoming traffic. Your risk of accidents increases when there are no dedicated lanes for left turns.

Here’s why they’re inherently dangerous:

  • Blind Spots and Turns

When making a left turn, you must carefully watch oncoming traffic from the left and right lanes. However, this can be difficult because you must also pay close attention to your vehicle’s blind spot. As if that’s not enough, it’s also your responsibility to focus on blind spots while making left turns.

There are too many factors to watch out for. Focusing on a blind spot, for example, will mean that you’re paying less attention to oncoming traffic from other sides.

  • Gauging Speeds 

To avoid accidents when left-turning at an intersection, you must be able to judge speeds, time, and space accurately. Making the turn at the wrong time puts you at risk of a T-bone crash.

  • Sudden Stops 

Left turns can quickly cause a rear-end crash if a vehicle in front of you makes a sudden stop. When an automobile in front of you is also turning left, you’ll assume that they’ll complete their turn.

However, unforeseen circumstances can make them stop abruptly. In such a situation, you may look away from the vehicle in front only to hit them by moving forward.

  • Traffic Lights 

While traffic lights help control traffic flow, it also raises some safety concerns. For example, when there’s a yellow light, everyone tries to drive through quickly to avoid the red light. This can also lead to red-light running and cause devastating accidents at interventions.

  • Unfamiliar Intersections

The more familiar you are with an intersection, the more confident you’ll be to maneuver through it. Unfamiliar intersections make you prone to mistakes when making a left turn. That’s especially when there are hazardous road conditions that you don’t know about.

  • Heavy Traffic

Making a left turn is more dangerous in congested traffic. Waiting for extended periods for the road to clear out can make other drivers angry and irrational. In such situations, many motorists try to speed through at the slightest opportunity to beat traffic.

How To Make a Left Turn Safely

The following safety tips will help you make a safe left turn, especially at intersections:

  • Use Designated Left Turn Lanes 

Dedicated left turn lanes keep you out of harm’s way when making a turn, so be sure to use them. However, if there aren’t any designated lanes for turning, get in the lane closest to the center divider line.

  • Yield the Right of Way and Signal Your Turn

Signal your turn at least 100 meters before you make the left turn. Also, left-turning drivers must yield the right of way to oncoming traffic and pedestrians on crosswalks.

  • Make the Turn With Caution 

Only proceed to turn when it’s safe and spacious to do so. When turning, ensure that you enter the lane closest to the street’s center lane, in the direction of traffic.

Who’s At-Fault for My Left-Turn Auto Crash in Fairburn, GA?

Usually, the left-turning driver is at fault in a left turn accident. However, there are cases where other motorists are liable. To be sure, visit your Fairburn personal injury attorney to help you determine who bears liability for your crash.

Discuss Your Claim With an Experienced Fairburn Personal Injury Attorney Today!

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