Can an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer File Suit on Behalf of Your Kids?

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Any Atlanta car accident lawyer knows that if you’ve been involved in a car accident, you would much prefer that you be alone when it happens. The last thing you want to do is see your kids get hurt. If something happens and your family is in a serious crash, you need to call 911. They make sure your family members are taken to the hospital. They’ll also do a thorough investigation of the accident scene. When they’re done, they’ll have a police report that your Atlanta car accident lawyer is going to need to prove fault. Otherwise, if you’re found to be responsible for the crash, your children will be pursuing your insurance company.

Passengers are at Greater Risk of Serious Injury or Death

For some reason, most people assume that passengers in the back seat are safer than the front passengers. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that people in the backseat aren’t at risk of crashing through the windshield. Despite what people may think, occupants in the backseat of a vehicle are 46% more likely to pass away from their car accident injuries than the driver or a front seat passenger. Thankfully, the number of passenger deaths has gone down an average of 1% per year.

Part of the reason the backseat passengers are at greater risk is because they don’t see the crash coming. They’re minding their own business in the back and have no time to brace themselves for the crash. Backseat occupants also have a different type of seatbelt than people in the front. It doesn’t offer the same kind of protection.

What Kind of Injuries Do Passengers Suffer in a Crash?

People who are in the backseat at the time of a crash suffer the same kind of injuries as the driver. It all decides on how serious the accident is. If the accident is just a minor rear-end accident, the injuries should be rather minor. You may suffer whiplash or a broken bone. Other accidents, however, can be much more serious. For example, if you’re hit by a drunk driver, you may end up in the hospital for days. This could lead to much more significant injuries. You could suffer any or all of the following:

If you suffer any of these injuries, you may have a claim for damages. Whether this claim will be filed against the other driver or the person who was driving the car you were in depends on the facts of your case.

Your Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Has to Pursue Whichever Driver Was at Fault

Things can get tricky when you hire an Atlanta car accident lawyer to represent your kids. There’s always the chance that the insurance company may claim that you’re at fault. If that happens, then your kids will have to pursue your insurance company for damages. If, for some reason, the insurance company refuses to pay the claim, your children would have the option to sue you personally. Your Atlanta car accident lawyer will have to help you decide what the best thing to do is in this situation.

If your personal health insurance carrier handled the bills for your kids’ medical bills, they’ll expect to be reimbursed. They may sue on your children’s behalf if your Atlanta car accident lawyer doesn’t sue. This can make for a very complicated situation. You’re in much better shape if you have an attorney there to help you work through this.

Call and Schedule Your Free, Initial Consultation with a Skilled Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

If you get into an accident with your kids in the car, you need help. Regardless of who was at fault, you’re going to need to file a claim. If the other driver was at fault, you’ll need to file a claim for damages against the defendant on behalf of yourself and your children. If, on the other hand, you are found to be responsible, your children need to file a claim against you and your insurance company. In situations like this, it’s best that you retain a separate Atlanta car accident lawyer. You won’t be able to have the same attorney represent you and your children in this sort of situation.

Before you do anything else, call and schedule your free, initial consultation. Talk to one of our Atlanta car accident lawyers as soon as possible.

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