Most Common Internal Injuries in Collisions

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Anyone can spot a gash or bruise, but what do you do about the injuries you can’t see? It’s likely that you may not have even thought of calling 911 for an emergency because you weren’t sure what’s wrong. Georgia auto collision attorneys see it all the time, internal injuries can wreak havoc on your systems while you go through thinking that you’re in general pain or discomfort.

Getting the right treatment for internal injuries is absolutely necessary, and contacting emergency response in a crash that could have likely lead to those injuries is critical. Getting the right help is the first step toward getting into recovery and moving on from this auto crash. Things like closed head wounds and internal bleeding can lead to death when not handled right away and by well-qualified medical staff.

Closed Head Wounds – Brain Bleeds and More

A brain bleed or a hemorrhage doesn’t require external or visible damage. The symptoms can range drastically but should ultimately lead to edema, swelling, or even stroke. The sudden onset of symptoms can initially include confusion, loss of vision, trouble swallowing, and headaches.

Some people just get tired while others have seizures. The ongoing thing that is important at any crash site is that you get checked out by medical professionals. Most firemen are also certified paramedics and can help assess if seemingly minor symptoms could be more serious brain injuries.

Brain injuries are fairly common in bad car accidents because of the severe trauma put on the brain within the skull. Even if your head didn’t come into contact with anything but the back of your seat, it is likely that your brain is a little shaken up.

Ruptured Spleen and Organ Injury

Much of the organ injuries stem from broken bones or blunt force trauma, which was delivered with such force that it injured organs. Broken ribs can rupture spleens as its located right beneath the lower-left section of the ribs, in the upper-left portion of the belly.

While each organ is important, spleens are a major concern within the healthcare community, and they should be among your top priorities too. Spleens help remove viruses and bacteria from the body, control major portions of the immune system, and recycles the blood’s hemoglobin. In short, it controls your immune system and your body’s ability to carry oxygen in the blood.

Other organs that can sustain damage, usually from broken ribs or other broken bones, include lungs, stomach, pancreas, and more. There’s more risk when you factor in impalement or impact with objects. For example, if a car was t-boned and the driver’s door folded inward, that door likely did substantial internal damage.

Internal Bleeding

Your blood is supposed to stay in your body, but there are times when it’s not in the right place, and that means you have an internal bleed. Internal bleed will cause low blood pressure, a high heart rate, and fast breathing. It will also lead to a severe loss of consciousness, confusion, and lethargy.

The reason that internal bleeding is such a problem is that often through the spleen and other organs or systems, the same blood runs through your body again and again. Then your body creates new blood cells as needed. When the blood you have on hand starts leaving the circulatory system, your body is confused. It doesn’t know what to do, and you can die from internal bleeding.

Broken Bones

Broken bones could become an external injury when they break through the skin. But typically broken or shattered bones are an internal injury that can cause many challenges just behind the general pain of the break. It could make it impossible to use your arm for weeks, or to have the full complications of a hip replacement if the break or shatter is bad enough.

These Injuries are Severe – Contact a Georgia Auto Collision Attorney

At our Georgia auto collision law office, we provide aid to the victims of car wrecks, and we understand that severe injuries can make resolving this matter a huge mission. Not only do you have your medical needs to worry about, but everything else that comes with a crash. Let someone else, a more qualified person with legal prowess to handle your insurance company and making your claim while you recover from injuries that could set you back for months.

Getting the right legal team on your case could take a few meetings to ensure that everyone is a good fit. When you contact The Weinstein Firm, our attorneys will meet with you to ensure that we fit you with someone experienced and skilled enough to handle your car accident with ease.

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