Will an Insurance Company Give Me a Settlement Offer?

Will an Insurance Company Give Me a Settlement Offer?

If you were in a crash and had anything more than liability-only, than you should definitely be expecting a settlement offer, it’s possible for you to explore your options beyond a settlement in pursuit of full compensation. Contact an auto accident attorney in Atlanta to learn about the different methods of resolving a crash claim.

After a car accident in Atlanta, the car insurance companies involved will scramble to decide who was at fault quickly. Then they’ll look at your type of insurance coverage, how much you played a part in the crash, and whether you deserve compensation or not.

How Your Insurance Coverage Effects a Settlement Offer

If you have liability-only and the crash was your fault, then you shouldn’t expect to get anything. But if it was the other person’s fault, then regardless of your insurance coverage, you should pursue and expect compensation.

Then when you factor in non-crash related claims such as hail damage, theft, or vandalism, you may only receive compensation for the property damage if you have comprehensive insurance. Ultimately, most people need collision coverage, medical payments coverage, and personal injury protection, which will help cover costs for injuries as well as damages in a variety of situations. It can also protect you financially if you are at fault for a crash.

When it’s another person’s fault, the only coverage that you might benefit from is under or uninsured motorists. These types of insurance coverage come together in a package deal and help to cover your costs if the other person’s insurance is not enough to take care of your medical expenses and property damage.

A Settlement Offer Evaluates Fault and It Can Reduce Your Compensation

In Georgia, there is a comparative fault system, which means that your actions will tally up to a percentage of fault. That percentage then is taken off of your compensation. For example, if you deserve $10,000 in compensation, but you were responsible for 10% of the accident, you would receive $9,000 instead because the $1,000 was taken off for your contribution.

These aspects can add up quickly and seriously impact your claim, although they may not be statically linked to your wreck. For example, if you were speeding, even just a few miles over the speed limit that may be added onto your percentage of fault. Additionally, if your brake lights were out and the driver argued they couldn’t see you braking, that may be a large percentage added onto your degree of fault.

Insurance companies are masters of using this fault system to reduce their payout. The result is that many people can’t access the full compensation that they need to recover from an accident that genuinely wasn’t their fault. Victims of Atlanta car wrecks often feel as if their insurance system has let them down.

How to Find a Car Accident Lawyer in Atlanta

The best way to get a full settlement is to hire an attorney that can put together a strong and compelling claim. All car crash cases begin as claims through insurance. Ideally, the lawyer will be able to achieve a full or at least a fair settlement offer.

But when a settlement offer doesn’t hit the mark of what you need for recovery, then the case may move on to trial. When you’re looking for an attorney, you might browse around online, but you should meet with them first at a consultation before committing to hiring them.

During a consultation, be sure to ask about taking your case to trial. If the Atlanta lawyer you are speaking to is insistent that you resolve it through a settlement, they may not be the right attorney for you.

Look out for attorneys that want a quick turnaround. Often car accident cases can lead to issues months down the road, and a speedy closure might mean that you don’t have the option to recover everything you need. An Atlanta attorney should always put the speed of your recovery above the speed of closing the case.

Contact an Atlanta Car Crash Lawyer

Working with an Atlanta car wreck attorney is the first step towards getting a fair settlement. All too often, insurance companies will do everything possible to give out the smallest settlements possible. That means you likely won’t receive enough to cover your medical bills, property damage, and the losses you experienced from missing work to recover.

After an accident, it’s likely that you experienced a substantial amount of setback, and you need financial compensation to bounce back. Contact The Weinstein Firm now to get help in managing your case.

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