How Insurance Companies Try to Mislead Athens Crash Victims

Insurance Companies Mislead

It’s no secret that insurance companies mislead their customers as they don’t relish paying car accident claims. Therefore, they employ several tactics to avoid liability in Athens car accidents. That’s why it’s essential to hire an Athens car accident attorney after a collision. Without a lawyer, recovering any compensation may be challenging.

Having a solid claim doesn’t even protect you from the misleading tactics of insurers. Instead, insurance companies mislead you to reduce how much they pay as compensation. Therefore, it’ll be best to acquaint yourself with these mischievous insurance tactics. If you’re aware of them, you can protect yourself and your claim. Hiring a lawyer also strengthens your position.

How Insurance Companies Mislead Consumers

Below are some lies and half-truths an insurer may tell to deny or devalue your claim.

  • You Must Give a Statement

This is the first trick most insurance companies pull. They call Athens car accident victims immediately after a crash asking for statements on the accident. Notably, too, insurers may trick you into making recorded statements.

The insurance adjuster would act like they’re on your side and just want you to get paid fast. However, insurers demand statements to find inconsistencies so that they can:

  • Discredit your account of how the accident happened
  • Dispute the extent of your injuries
  • Blame you for all or part of the accident

Therefore, it’ll be best not to speak to the insurance company without a car accident attorney. An experienced attorney will know how to protect you from harming your claim.

  • If You Reject the First Offer, You Won’t Get Another

Insurance companies also claim that you will not get anything if you reject their first settlement offer. However, there are several offers and counteroffers during settlement negotiations. In fact, very few Athens car accident victims accept the initial offer.

Insurers want you to accept that offer because it’s usually lower than you deserve. In addition, such an unscrupulous insurer wouldn’t want you to hire an Athens car accident attorney. This is because an excellent attorney can properly evaluate your claim. The evaluation reveals the actual value of your claim. Consequently, the lawyer will prevent you from taking all lowball offers.

  • If There’s Minor Property Damage, Your Injuries Shouldn’t Be Devastating

Athens insurance companies mislead car accident victims into thinking that their bodily injuries are dependent on property damage. So, if your vehicle and property damage was minimal, you shouldn’t have significant injuries. However, this is a false claim.

A car accident with minor property damage can still result in devastating injuries. For example, suppose you had to brake suddenly to avoid colliding with a careless driver. If your airbag doesn’t deploy in the accident, you may hit your head or some other body part on the steering wheel. This can lead to internal head injuries, although your vehicle may sustain little or no damage.

  • Your Injuries Aren’t Serious

Insurance companies can also downplay the severity of your injuries. For example, they can claim that your injuries are so minor that you don’t deserve compensation. However, even minor wounds can lead to significant medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. It’ll thus be best to ensure you file a compensation claim.

  • You Don’t Need a Car Accident Attorney

Insurers companies mislead clients by trying to convince accident survivors that they can get the maximum compensation without lawyers. They even claim that involving attorneys complicates the recovery process. However, it’ll be best to ignore these statements and hire an attorney. A lawyer significantly increases your chances of getting the money you deserve.

  • Lawyers Will Take All Your Money

Insurance companies mislead by telling victims that lawyers take most of the settlement. However, the reality is that lawyers take only a percentage of your settlement. Courts can even regulate these percentages. In addition, many lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, too. This means that the attorney doesn’t get paid except you win. Finally, you state how much your lawyer gets in the contingency fee agreement (CFA).

Athens Car Accident Lawyers Can Handle Any Insurance Company

Have you been in an Athens car accident? Then, you may be eligible for compensation. Georgia is a fault accident state. So, the negligent party will cover your losses. First, however, you’ll need the best Athens car accident attorneys.

You can get these lawyers at The Weinstein Firm. We have several decades of experience in dealing with Athens insurance companies.  T, we can help you handle unscrupulous insurers. Don’t leet the insurance companies mislead you! All you have to do is call us today for a FREE consultation.

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