Will Past Insurance Claims Delay Your Holiday Claim Process?

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Although plenty of holiday classics tell us to slow down and enjoy the season, there are some things we would rather rush through.  Handling a car accident Insurance claim process is not something that makes you want to stop and smell the roses or appreciate the winter season. In fact, we’re going to look at exactly how you can get the car accident closed, so hopefully, it has minimal impact on your family’s holiday season.

Insurance claims it should only take a few weeks at most, but with negotiations and insurance trouble, they can quickly stretch out in a month. There’s also the chance or possibility that the other driver could wait to make their move. Plenty of people have had bad experiences of believing that everything was good and well, only to find out that the other driver came forward with an injury months later.

Getting a Claim Moving Quickly

To get a claim moving quickly, you need a bit of a running start. If you happen to just call your insurance company and inform them of the crash, they might ask some roundabout questions to get a feel for how your claim should go. Unfortunately, this one-size-fits-all approach to claim handling means that complex claims will take much longer than necessary because they weren’t reviewed correctly.

Now, if you start your claim by going to your attorney first and then notifying the insurance company of the crash within the required time frame, you have a bit of a head start. To accomplish this, meet with a few local attorneys and decide which is right for you. Then work with them to draft a statement and a demand letter. You may give that statement over the phone, as most attorneys discourage their clients from providing a detailed written statement.

What to Do When Insurance Companies Drag Their Feet

Of course, there are times when a claim starts out perfectly well and then stalls. Insurance companies are known to drag their feet when there are certain elements at play. It’s possible that some of the injuries involved are not resolved or would require ongoing medical care, or that there’s trouble in calculating the loss of the vehicle.

In this instance, you might need to bring in a professional. If you sustained injuries requiring ongoing medical care, you might need to resource a medical expert or financial expert to calculate the demands of that ongoing care. Additionally, as there’s trouble with calculating the vehicle’s value, it might be worth bringing in a separate appraiser to support or contest the initial appraiser’s review.

Who Should Manage the Claim Process?

A lot of people are told when they are first learning to drive that insurance companies manage the claim process. However, very few people question why they’re handling the claim process when they’re the ones who are also losing money. The fact is that insurance companies don’t lose money, they handle it strategically to make their clients feel as though they’re getting a good payout and keeping as much money in their pocket as possible.

An attorney should handle the claim process because they don’t have any interest invested in the outcome other than your interest. An insurance company is simply not going to fight for your best interest because they have their own interest to worry about. The other insurance company involved for the at-fault driver surely won’t be looking out for what you need to get from this claim process. An attorney offers a third-party that’s working for you to get you the best possible outcome.

If you’re worried about getting the compensation that you need quickly, then involve an attorney early. But also make sure that they understand the restrictions within the claim and can use experts or other resources to keep the claim moving if there’s any delay.

File Your Car Crash Claim with an Atlanta Auto Accident Attorney

The best way to resolve a car accident Insurance claim quickly is to get the ball rolling now. The sooner you take action and get the insurance process moving. The sooner everything can be closed out. To do this, you’ll want to make sure that you start your claim on a strong foot. Contact the Weinstein firm of Atlanta, Georgia, to start your claim now.

When you’re ready to start your claim, we’ll help you understand the elements of a complete statement and what to include in your demand letter. We help clients understand all the elements, and the damage is associated with a crash, whereas most people who file a claim without legal help might miss key damages. Work with the Weinstein firm.

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