What Information Is Vital to Your Gainesville Car Accident Case?

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When you survive a Gainesville car accident, it’s important to speak to a car accident lawyer. If you do, they’ll need extensive information from you. Their fact-finding mission is often crucial to the case’s success. So, it’ll be best to give your attorney whatever data they request. Accident victims sometimes complain that lawyers ask many questions.

However, it’s when your lawyer doesn’t ask enough questions that you should be bothered. Knowing what information is essential to your Gainesville car accident lawyer can be challenging. Fortunately, you could ask them. Their questions can also point you in the right direction. What’s more? We’ve written this article so you can know what data is vital to your lawyer.

Questions Gainesville Car Accident Attorneys Ask

As we already said, an experienced Gainesville car accident lawyer will ask a ton of questions. Some of them include:

  • Who caused the accident (you or the other driver)?
  • Did you suffer any injuries?
  • Have you sought medical attention?
  • If you have, what’s the diagnosis and prognosis?
  • Did you gather the other driver’s information?
  • What about the data of the eyewitnesses?
  • Where were you driving to?
  • When and where did the accident happen?
  • Have you spoken to the insurance company?
  • If you have, what did you tell them?
  • Have you received a settlement offer?
  • Do you have any pre-existing injuries?
  • What does the police report say?
  • Did you ever admit fault for the accident?

It would help to answer all these questions as clearly and truthfully as possible because lying harms your case.

What Is Your Lawyer Trying To Find Out?

All these questions have a goal. We mean that your attorney is merely fishing for information that can help your case. So, below are some of what your lawyer hopes to achieve.

Evaluating Your Chances of Success

A Gainesville car accident claim must have significant chances of success before a lawyer agrees to take it up. However, there is no foolproof means of determining the outcome of a case. Therefore, lawyers often settle for checking whether the case has merit. If your claim lacks merit, the chances are slim that any attorney will represent you. So, lawyers will evaluate evidence and ask questions to gauge success.

Establishing Fault for the Accident

Gainesville, Georgia, operates a fault accident system. Therefore, it’s the fault driver that bears the losses of the accident. So, an experienced lawyer will want to know who caused the collision. Firstly, they’ll ask whether you’re responsible for the crash. Then, they’ll evaluate the evidence to determine fault. Finally, the lawyer would also want to know if you’ve done anything that could hurt your claim. These include accepting blame and minimizing your injuries.

Knowing the Severity of Your Injury

Indeed, the extent of your wounds significantly impacts your accident claim. For example, if your injuries are minor, your damages claim may be small. Conversely, extensive injuries require heavy medical bills. Therefore, you’ll be claiming a significant amount of money.

Furthermore, your attorney will want to know whether there were pre-existing injuries. This is crucial because the fault party could claim that the accident isn’t totally responsible for your wounds. Yet again, severe injuries may mean that you’ll need long-term medical care. Therefore, your lawyer needs to know this so that they can argue for future medical care.

Documents Relevant to Your Car Accident Lawyer 

Gainesville car crash attorneys have other sources of information. They don’t only work with what clients tell them. Instead, lawyers often demand and analyze certain relevant documents. These documents are essential because they contain facts crucial to your case. Some of such documents include:

  • Medical records
  • Police reports and other official reports
  • Witness statements
  • Accident scene photographs
  • Insurance documents, such as the insurance policy
  • Cash receipts (for out-of-pocket expenses following the crash)
  • Your written account of the accident

The contents of these documents often have evidentiary value. Therefore, you must supply them to your accident attorney upon request.

Gainesville Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You With the Right Information

Have you survived a Gainesville car accident? If you have, then you may be eligible for compensation. However, you’ll need the best Gainesville car accident lawyers to get the maximum sum. Our attorneys at The Weinstein Firm have won millions of dollars from car accident cases.

Therefore, if we represent you, we can guarantee the best results. Your success depends on the information you give us, though. Everything you tell us determines whether we can accurately establish liability for the collision. In addition, your information is how we evaluate your claim. So, why not call us for a consultation on your case?

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