Improper Big Rig Maneuvers That Can Lead to a Trucking Accident

Improper Big Rig Maneuvers That Can Lead to a Trucking Accident

No parking zones, signs about using Jake Brakes, and city restrictions on weight limits make for many legal nuances for truckers. Unfortunately, as a trucking accident lawyer will tell you, many drivers don’t realize that these signs can help them know when a trucking accident is the trucker’s fault or their own.

It leads to a lot of confusion because most drivers just don’t know what truckers can and can’t do. So, they assume when they see a Big Rig parked somewhere or slowing down exceptionally quickly that it’s okay. That’s often not the case. Improper and illegal don’t always overlap, but there are many cases with Big Rigs that what they shouldn’t do is also outright illegal within the city limits.

Using Jake Brakes

You’ve probably seen many signs about prohibited Jake Brake use. The initial issue is that Jake Brakes and engine braking are exceptionally loud and disruptive to communities. But there are issues past that.

In areas that are prone to wet weather, such as Atlanta, Jake Brakes can lead to a trucking accident. Without traction, the brakes cause the rig to skid and often jackknife. Jake brakes are a way for truckers to slow down to a more controlled stop, and they extend the life of the truck’s brakes. There are times when using them is necessary, but there are many more times when using them is improper or illegal.

Improper Turns

Although it doesn’t outright say it, Georgia code does not allow for Big Rigs to make a U-turn. That doesn’t stop experienced truckers from trying. These turns often don’t work out well and can result in a number of accidents including, the truck tipping over. In the sequence of events that spark from a truck making a U-turn, many people are put at risk, specifically vehicle drivers and pedestrians.

Parked in Illegal Spots

You have probably seen many trucks parked on the side of the freeway or highway and not thought twice about it. The reality, however, is that there are spots where these trucks can or cannot park.

Recently it’s become clear that Atlanta does not have enough parking for the trucks that come through the city. The result is that Big Rigs are parking on the sides of freeways in areas where they shouldn’t park, and they’re causing accidents.

Passenger vehicle drivers are hitting these trucks from behind, or scraping along with their front-end while trying to use a partially blocked exit. Does that make it the fault of the driver? Often, it’s not because truckers parking on the side of freeways and blocking exits or exit lanes create a much more substantial safety hazard than a driver who attempted to use what they believed (correctly) was a lane.

Highway and Roadway Restrictions

Big Rigs, Semis, or whatever else you might call them to have severe road use restrictions. There are lanes they can’t use except in specific circumstances and for a good reason.

In Georgia, a truck cannot use anything other than two right-most lanes except when making a left turn or passing a passing another vehicle. Passing vehicles should be rare, given that they cannot exceed the speed limit to overtake another vehicle, and most trucking companies have devices that inform them when this happens.

Reaching Out to an Atlanta Trucking Accident Lawyer

The question of whether you need an attorney is probably on your mind. If you were in a crash with a Big Rig, then you probably do need legal guidance. In Atlanta, it’s common for these companies to work closely with the insurance companies involved to handle the matter quickly and quietly. However, they often take advantage of the driver’s not knowing what is and isn’t legal to provide them with exceptionally low settlements.

Don’t accept a settlement that doesn’t cover all of your medical costs and expenses incurred because of the crash. Call an Atlanta lawyer and get your situation squared away.

Call The Weinstein Firm to Connect with a Georgia Trucking Accident Lawyer.

Big Rigs make many drivers nervous and with good reason. There is simply too much that standard drivers don’t know or understand about a trucker’s restrictions on the freeways and within the city. Many drivers believe that they receive a reasonable settlement solution through their insurance but don’t know that it’s a small percentage of what they are owed.

Contact The Weinstein Firm to learn about how your car crash can reach a full resolution. During a consultation with us, you can explain what happened, and we can help you understand more about how these accidents should wrap-up and what you should expect in compensation.

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