How to Be Careful on the Road This Summer


Now that we’re deep into the summer months, you’ve probably noticed there are a lot more cars on the road. People have been cooped up in their homes for over a year. Now that it’s a bit safer to get out and about, people are taking full advantage of it. Of course, it probably won’t be as busy as the years prior to the pandemic. A lot of people are still staying to themselves, especially if they aren’t vaccinated yet. And with a lot of people working from home still, the morning commute won’t be as bad. Dublin car accident lawyers meet with more accident victims this time of year than any other.

If you’ve been involved in an accident, you should talk to an experienced Dublin car accident lawyer as soon as possible. The courts are operating at a normal rate now, but they’re still backed up due to COVID-19. Your attorney will work extra hard to negotiate a settlement of your claim. The last thing you want to do is end up waiting a year or longer to go to trial. Here, we’ll talk about a few tips to keep you and your family safe this year.

People are Hitting the Roads Post-COVID

According to the Washington Post, traffic has recovered by more than 90% of pre-COVID days. You need to be prepared for this when you hit the road this summer. While you may be traveling to work or to do daily errands, there are a lot of families on their way to vacation. Because of the pandemic, more people will be taking road trips this summer instead of flying to their normal destinations.

Georgia is right in the middle of the busy traffic coast. Dublin is only about 235 miles from Jacksonville so you’ll be dealing with people going back and forth to Florida. You need to be extra careful and keep an eye out for people on the roads who may not be sure of the local roads.

Dublin Car Accident Lawyers See More Victims in the Summer Months

With so many people on the road, there are bound to be more accidents in the summer months. There are almost 30% more traffic fatalities in the summer than at any other time of year. Part of this is due to the sheer volume of cars on the road. The other concern is that with no threat of ice or inclement weather, people tend to drive faster.

It’s a good idea to behave like a defensive driver, especially during heavy traffic. However, if you do get into a crash, you can call and talk to our Dublin car accident lawyers right away. They’ll get started right away with the insurance company in an effort to settle your claim.

Get Your Car Serviced Before It Gets Too Hot

One of the most important things you can do is get your car serviced now. You don’t want to wait until the dog days of August to get your fluids checked. The last thing you want to do is end up stranded with an overheated car when it’s 90 degrees out. Have your mechanic check your vehicle out now.

If there are any problems, get the maintenance and repair work done. Spending a few extra dollars now can save you a lifetime of headache and pain later. You also may be taking long road trips this summer and your car needs to be in tiptop shape before you head out.

Always Have an Emergency Kit in the Trunk

People are always reminding you to keep an emergency kit in your trunk in the winter months. The summer is no different. The last thing you want to do is break down in the heat with no water or towels. Make sure your cell phone is fully charged in case you need to call for help. If you’re going to have small children in the car with you, make sure you have sunscreen in case you’re stuck out waiting for the tow service or mechanic.

Call and Talk to an Experienced Dublin Car Accident Lawyer

Hopefully, you’ll have an amazing summer without incident. We all need a bit of a break after the last year and a half. However, if something does happen and you get into an accident, call our office. Talk to one of our experienced Dublin car accident lawyers as soon as possible. Take advantage of your free consultation and have a skilled attorney review your case.

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