How Quickly Can You Get a Compensation Check?

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After any Atlanta wreck, you probably want that check as fast as possible. The sooner that you get the compensation check in your hand or bank account, you can start paying your mechanic and medical bills. However, you may not be aware of all the options available for handling your outstanding obligations and your wreck at the same time.

It’s surprising to many people that waiting even just a few weeks more can have a substantial impact on the total of their check. Not necessarily that waiting for longer guarantees a check, but that when you go through the process of a full investigation and settlement negotiations, you have the opportunity to recover more of your losses which is where an Atlanta, GA car accident lawyer can help.

Should You Take the First Compensation Check Available?

Just like the majority of the states, Georgia uses a fault system. What that means in terms of compensation is that you should expect to get a check if you’re the victim of a wreck. Or, you may receive a check if you have comprehensive or collision coverage, whether you were the victim or not.

If you’re just trying to get whatever check comes your way, then you may need to wait four to six weeks. But, if you’re pushing for the full compensation that could easily turn into 10 or 12 weeks.

Why Do You Need to Wait So Long?

Checks usually take a few weeks, and there are specific reasons why. First, your car has to go to an adjuster who will determine the damage and car value. That adjuster appointment can be made right away, but you will likely have to wait a few days or even a week for an available time slot. Second, the adjuster decides a figure for the damages and sends the estimate over to the accounting department. Then that department will evaluate the estimate, ensure that it aligns with the repair values, and process a check.

Now, while all that is happening, you may also be getting medical treatment and accruing medical debt. If you’ve told the insurance company that you had injuries, they may hold the property damage check until you have a total or rough estimate for your medical injuries as well.

Finally, if there are questions of fault or fraud, the entire process may come to a stop immediately. When these issues come to light, they will launch an investigation. That investigation could take hours, weeks, or months. It not only depends on the suspicions but the resources available within the company.

What If You Need Money Now are There Options for That?

If you’ve seen the commercials spouting, “We need cash now!” Then you might be tempted to pursue some other course of action that gets you a check today. Not only is that usually, a bad idea but you can almost always find a way to delay payments or increase compensation.

One primary example is people worrying about making their medical bill payments. You shouldn’t be paying for these if you didn’t cause the wreck. What should happen is that the billing office for the hospital or doctor will put a lien against the medical bills knowing that you’ll be filing a claim and using that to cover the costs.

Additionally, your car damage is something that you should only have to cover the deductible for before making the repairs. It should go something like this: drop your car off, pay the deductible, pay the rest with a compensation check when you pick up the vehicle. In some instances, you may even be able to recover the costs of being without a car.

If you needed to get a rental car because yours was not operable, or if you needed to use rideshare services or public transit to get around, then you can include that in your demand.

Will a Car Accident Attorney in Atlanta Help You Get Money Faster?

No, a car accident attorney in Atlanta can’t promise that you’ll get a compensation check any faster than usual. Involving an Atlanta attorney can, to some effect, delay your compensation check because you’re going through a more thorough process. Instead of accepting the very first check that comes your way, you’re telling the insurance company, “No, this is what I need.”

At The Weinstein Firm, we can’t promise that you’ll get a check faster, but we can deliver aid and guidance on how to fight for the compensation check that you deserve. Our attorneys build your case and fight for your side.spo

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