How Prevalent Are Halloween Car Accidents in Atlanta?

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Atlanta residents associate Halloween with tricks and treats. Every October 31st, adults, teenagers, and children dress up in scary costumes and have Halloween-themed parties. Conversely, kids go around their neighborhoods getting candy treats. However, Atlanta car accident lawyers know that the Halloween festivities increase the chances of car accidents.

Therefore, while celebrating this year’s Halloween, it’ll help to remain safety conscious. However, suppose you still suffer an accident despite your caution. Then, it’ll be best to hire the best Atlanta car accident attorneys. Our excellent legal team would make the fault party pay for hurting you.

Are Car Accidents Truly Prevalent During Halloween?

Yes, the Halloween festivities often witness a surge in car accidents. For example, a study revealed a 43% risk increase in pedestrian fatalities on Halloween nights. It further stated that the average Halloween resulted in four additional pedestrian deaths.

Furthermore, pedestrians face higher chances of accident fatalities if Halloween falls on weekdays. In addition, children are more likely to suffer fatal accidents on Halloween night. The most endangered class are children aged 4 to 8 years. So, many children die while having fun picking candies.

How Pedestrian Car Accidents Occur on Halloween Night

As we’ve already mentioned, pedestrians are more likely to suffer accidents on Halloween. This is because the Halloween festivities significantly increase pedestrian traffic. These pedestrian collisions often occur when vehicles run into pedestrians walking the streets. Notably, several factors cause this collision type. For example, dark clothes make it difficult for drivers to see pedestrians. Drunk or careless pedestrians can also be responsible for the collision.

Why Do Many Accidents Occur on Halloween?

The increased occurrence of car crashes during Halloween is explainable. Firstly, Halloween festivities aren’t really about tame partying. Instead, Halloween parties often experience a free supply of alcohol. Other intoxicants are also available at such parties. Sadly, some drunk party-goers still insist on driving themselves home. Such impaired driving thus leads to car accidents.

There are other reasons for Halloween car accidents. They include the fact that:

  • Halloween masks restrict peripheral vision
  • Most celebrations occur late in the day
  • Halloween costumes reduce visibility
  • Partygoers sometimes neglect street-crossing rules

How to Stay Safe During Halloween

Fortunately for us all, we can avoid Halloween night car accidents. Indeed, banning the Halloween festivities isn’t a remotely possible solution. Simply abiding by some rules can ensure we all return home safely. So, below are some Halloween safety tips:

  • Costumes and other accessories should have identifying lights
  • If you must wear masks, ensure they don’t impair your vision
  • Dress your kids in reflective clothing or give them flashlights
  • Ensure your children know not to eat on the road
  • Don’t play on or run into the street at night
  • If you’re drunk, call a cab
  • While driving, exercise extra caution because of the increased pedestrian traffic
  • If possible, ensure that adults accompany the kids
  • Ditch uncomfortable clothing so that you can stay vigilant
  • Give your kids a definite time when they must return home

What If I Was Partly Responsible for My Halloween Accident?

It’s possible to be partly responsible for your Halloween car crash. This can be the case for pedestrians, kids, and drivers. That’s why you should be aware of Georgia’s comparative negligence rule. Firstly, courts and insurance companies often undertake inquiries to determine accident fault. So, if you contributed to the collision, this affects your compensation recovery.

In this case, you cannot get the full cost of your losses. Instead, your compensation would be reduced based on the percentage of your fault. So, suppose you were 40% responsible for the accident. Now, imagine that the damages amount was $10,000. Here, the law would only allow you 60% of this sum, that is, $6,000.

Atlanta’s Best Car Accident Attorneys Can Help You!

Perchance you survive an accident this Halloween; you may be eligible for compensation. Atlanta, Georgia, operates a fault-based car accident system. Therefore, the fault driver would bear the losses of the crash. This rule applies to other types of vehicle collisions in Atlanta too. However, you’ll need an excellent attorney to get the maximum compensation.

At The Weinstein Firm, we have just the right lawyers for the job. Our team has a great track record of winning tough car crash claims. So, our clients smile home with the financial compensation they deserve. This is the experience and dedication you’ll be getting if you hire us for your Halloween accident case. So, call us today for a FREE consultation. We work on a contingency fee basis.

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