How Is Fault Determined in a Multi-Car Accident In Atlanta?

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When there are just two vehicles involved in an accident in Atlanta, Georgia, determining fault is fairly easy to do. However, in a multi-car accident, the issue can become much more complex. If five cars are involved, you would think that the car that caused the first crash would be always liable. However, that is not always true. There are numerous factors that must be considered before the guilty party can be identified. In this type of accident, negligence is what police officers look for.

Georgia is what is referred to as a modified comparative fault state. This is why there may be multiple drivers who are considered to be at fault. It is best to contact an Atlanta, Georgia car accident attorney for advice if you have been involved in a multi-vehicle accident. The attorney will be able to prove you are not at fault if that is your situation. Or you may be partially responsible for the crash. In that case, the job of your lawyer is to determine that it was just a small percentage. This is very important to maximize your compensation amount.

Shared Liability Causes And How A Georgia Car Accident Attorney Can Help You

In most multi-vehicle accidents, there is shared blame. If everybody was following all of the traffic rules, then the accident would not have occurred. Some issues that might lead to having shared liability include the following:

– Driving too close. By law, when you are driving you are required to leave a reasonable amount of space in between your car and the vehicle that is ahead of you. The three-second rule is applicable, and if you fail to adhere to it, then it can easily result in a collision. Drivers who do not follow this rule are a major cause of multi-vehicle crashes. This is because if the rule was followed, you would be able to see the collision and be able to stop in time.

– Driving while you are drunk. When you are intoxicated, there is a good chance that you will end up pushing too close to the vehicle that is in front of you. Also, you might speed which in a multi-vehicle accident can cause a chain reaction.

– Speeding. All vehicles can be driving over the recommended speed and result in a crash. In that case, they would all share in the liability for an accident.

No matter what the cause is, you should call an Atlanta, Georgia attorney and consult with them as soon as an accident occurs. Your lawyer is the best person to guide you through the steps that need to be taken in order to prove your innocence.

How Fault Is Determined In A Multi-Vehicle Accident And Why You Need Help From An Atlanta Car Accident Attorney

Atlanta uses a modified comparative negligence formula to determine liability. This means that everybody who caused the accident will share in the blame. So when an investigation occurs, it will need to be proven who was liable and what the percentage is.

When a driver is found liable for a crash, but their liability is under 50%, the driver is still eligible to receive compensation. However, the benefit that they can receive is reduced by the percentage of their responsibility. This means if you are found 10% liable for your crash, then the amount of your compensation is reduced by 10%.

Atlanta, Georgia police officers investigate liability and it is included in their police report. Investigations are also conducted by insurance adjusters before they start to compensate victims of the accident. If you were just slightly at fault or not to blame, you must prove this. Your attorney will recommend that you take the following actions:

– Take photos. It is very important to have photographs of the crash which clearly show the cars. They are very useful once the investigations are underway to determine who is innocent and who is to blame.

– Get eyewitnesses. They can help to prove your statement regarding what occurred. If their stories are in alignment with yours, then you might not end up having any blame assigned to you.

Make sure to limit your communication following the accident to just conversations with your attorney. The more individuals you speak to, the more it puts you at risk of saying something wrong that might be used against you later.

Call A Georgia Car Accident Attorney For Immediate Assistance

In multi-car accidents, it is hard to determine who the liable parties are. However, they will be revealed by the investigations. Therefore, it is important to protect yourself. One of the best ways to do this is to get legal assistance. The attorneys at The Weinstein Firm in Atlanta, Georgia know how to handle crash cases. Make sure you speak to us immediately after the accident happens for guidance on how to best deal with the situation. We will use our knowledge and skills to make sure the claim is favorable to you and that you receive compensation.

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