How Can a Lawyer Recover Video Evidence from a Car Crash?

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You have no doubt seen viral videos online that showcase a horrific accident. But, how did those videos get into court or help the victim during the crash resolution? Video evidence comes with a lot of red tape, and it may be difficult to submit video evidence or obtain video evidence on your own. Typically victims rely on a lawyer to recover video evidence that reflects what happened in a car crash.

Lawyers can also put in the work to ensure that insurance companies give proper way to the type of evidence or that the evidence is submitted if the case goes to court. Additionally, our Atlanta car accident lawyers may be able to place a special request to obtain footage from a business, a witness, or even from the city. It’s unexpected, but between local business security footage, the many drivers with – cams, and the city’s security system, it’s likely that some element of your car accident was caught on tape.

Dashcam Footage

If you own the dashcam, then it’s not a question of how you can obtain the evidence, or how you can do that. It is as simple as taking the data off of the device and putting it into a format that’s easy to view and use.

The struggle that most people encounter when submitting dashcam footage as evidence is that insurance providers tend to devalue this evidence. However, when you involve an attorney, that attorney is able to emphasize the importance of video evidence of the accident.

Local Businesses and Traffic Cameras

It is possible and likely that a local business or traffic camera through Atlanta has captured part of your accident. Traffic cameras, you can submit a formal request through the city to obtain that evidence.

Again you’ll need to make the same legal request of a local business that you would need to make of the city or a witness. Many businesses require these legal requests even as they are happy or willing to hand over the evidence. It usually isn’t a situation of whether the business wants to provide the evidence, but that they have all the documentation in place to justify handing over their property.

Other’s Footage

Sometimes it witnesses will come forward, and other times they may need prompting from legal requests. When other people have DashCams or have recorded the accident themselves, that evidence is not inherently yours. However, many people are willing to Hanover this type of evidence. If someone has caught an accident on their phone, they may be requested to submit it as evidence to the Atlanta Police Department. That bit of evidence being submitted to the Atlanta Police Department would make it available to you as well.

However, people don’t always realize that their DashCam or a video they were recording caught the accident. You may need to issue a legal request to obtain that property.

Video Evidence Posted on Social Media

Unless people have set up the most restrictive video-privacy settings, you may own your content, but you can’t stop anyone else from using it. Video evidence posted on social media that is publicly accessible can easily be used as evidence. The only difficulty is tying that video to your crash. You may need to establish that the video was recorded on the date and time, involved your vehicle, and validate other details that solidify this video is of your accident.

However, attorneys will often submit legal requests to the person who posted the video so they can ensure they have the full video footage.

Get the Full Scoop — Hire an Atlanta Auto Collision Attorney

How can you show the full story of what happened in the moments leading up to and following your Collision? Sure, a picture is worth a thousand words, video evidence can leave people speechless. The only way to get the full scoop on any situation is to have video evidence that catalogs the events at the moment prior to and the moments following an accident.

To make sure that you have all the evidence relating to your claim in your case, speak with the local Atlanta Auto Collision Attorneys at the Weinstein Firm. The Weinstein firm represents crash victims and puts up a fight for the insurance companies to pay what’s right. By contacting our offices, you’ll put yourself in a position where you have access to valuable resources and legal guidance from start to finish in your insurance claim.

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