Why Does my Head Hurt After a Car Accident?

Why Does my Head Hurt After a Car Crash in Atlanta?

It’s all too common to feel aches and pains days after a car crash in Atlanta. Unfortunately, people write it off as normal and try to move on with their lives. There are times when a headache is something simple like dehydration or an overload of caffeine. But, after a car wreck, a headache could be a red flag of something much worse.

An Atlanta car wreck lawyer can help you work with your medical team so you can access the treatment you need while working toward the compensation necessary to cover it. Don’t forego medical treatment because you can’t afford it, and don’t go without legal representation either. Work with an attorney to fight for the compensation that you need to cover the damages of your Atlanta wreck.


TBI sounds harmless, but when you breakdown that it stands for Traumatic Brain Injury, it’s clearly quite serious. What happens with traumatic brain injury is that during the wreck, the force of the crash caused your brain to impact your skull — that impact results in bruising.

In some cases, the TBI may come from skull pieces or fragments from a fracture breaking into the tissue of the brain. This situation is often diagnosed quickly after a crash because of the severity of the injuries. Given the circumstances, a doctor is looking at the patient right away, and there is attention to the head and brain.

However, people can experience TBI without clearly visible external injuries. The force of the brain against the skull could come from whiplash or hitting the windshield with a force that wouldn’t fracture the skull but would hurt.

TBI is serious, and a common effect of TBI is a concussion. Something that many experiences from auto collisions daily. Headaches, specifically persistent headaches, are a major symptom of TBI. If you have these issues after a car crash in Atlanta, see a doctor and insist on examination for TBI.

Whiplash is a Common Injury After a Car Crash in Atlanta

Whiplash is not the cringe-inducing injury that people complain about to commit fraud. In fact, numerous people experience whiplash and don’t get medical treatment because of the stigma that comes with a whiplash diagnosis.

It is even more complex than normal to complete a car crash claim with an insurance company if you have a whiplash diagnosis. But whiplash is a real problem because it’s a neck injury specifically to the soft tissue that strengthens your neck and supports the movement of your head and shoulders.

Headaches, along with neck pain, stiffness, and even pain radiating into your shoulders, are signs of whiplash. Even if you don’t believe it’s a serious condition, you should see a doctor as soon as you realize the headaches are consistent.

Whiplash may subside over a few weeks, but if it’s serious and not treated, then you might set yourself up for long-term pain. Untreated whiplash can lead to many serious problems throughout your life.

Subdural Hematoma

Not often seen, a subdural hematoma will feature symptoms of secondary headaches and post-traumatic headaches. These headaches will often pop-up constantly but not in a pattern associated to head movement, neck pain, light, or sound. Secondary headaches happen because of injury that involved rapid acceleration or deceleration, such as being hit from behind while you were at a stop.

Post-traumatic headaches are rare, but they happen, and a subdural hematoma cannot be ignored. This issue means that there is blood on the outside of the brain but within the skull and is putting pressure on the brain. It is possibly a life-threatening situation. It’s also treatable, which means that you need to pursue medical treatment if you’re having intense and persistent headaches after a car crash in Atlanta.

You Will Need the Help of a Lawyer After Your Car Crash in Atlanta

Any of these injuries is worth involving a medical team and an attorney. The medical costs that come with whiplash or brain injuries can quickly become extensive. Essentially, it’s vital for everyone to access medical care after a car wreck. Even if you initially feel fine but after a few days have headaches, you need to get help.

Contacting Georgia car accident attorneys may seem tedious or worrying, but reaching out for help is vital. When you have injuries sustained from a wreck that someone else caused, you need someone to stand up for you. Insurance companies and the other drivers involved are all looking out for themselves, and you should not let your interests become secondary.

Find a resolution for your claim with The Weinstein Firm. Contact our law offices for a consultation and take the first step towards fighting for what you deserve.

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