Should You File a Personal Injury Lawsuit for a Car Accident?

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Filing a personal injury lawsuit is something that most people don’t want to do because they’re thinking of the other people involved. Even in situations where the crash was bad, many innocent drivers will feel bad for the other person. That’s a nice way of thinking about others, but often they’re not the ones with severe injuries and extensive property damage.

In fact, most of the time, it isn’t even an individual that has to pay in a personal injury lawsuit that goes your way. Insurance companies, in the event that you haven’t already collected compensation, will take over the coverage of their client in settlement negotiations and court.

What Will a Personal Injury Lawsuit Do That Insurance Won’t?

Initially, all cases for car wrecks will start with an insurance claim. What happens when you file a case is that the other driver’s policy will take over and process it as a claim. You’ve probably already told your insurance and have an open claim with them.

Your insurance provider will contact the other driver’s policyholder, open a claim, file the demand, and provide them with their insight into the fault aspect of the claim.

An Atlanta auto wreck attorney, however, goes a bit further. First, they will go through the elements of collecting evidence rather than leaving that to you. They may work with various experts or investigators to identify the true value of your claim and break down the actual degrees of fault. Then they’ll negotiate on your settlement.

Insurance companies rarely negotiation on settlements unless there’s an attorney involved What they’ll do instead is make the person feel as though they’re lucky to get a compensation check at all. It’s a class-act victim-blaming.

Why is a Car Accident Attorney in Atlanta Necessary?

Usually, these attorneys aren’t necessary for Atlanta, but they’re a valuable guide for getting through these claims. Now, if you’re looking to file a lawsuit, you may not know where to start or how to process requests for information or subpoenas. For example, if you believe that the other driver was texting while driving, you might need to subpoena the driver’s cell records to see about that.

Ultimately, these attorneys are a great way to get the upper hand with your claim. When you’re evaluating if they’re necessary, you might look at the extent of the damage. If you were in a small wreck with no injuries then you probably don’t need to file a lawsuit, you probably just need to file a claim.

However, if you have whiplash, soft tissue injuries, or other injuries, then you should consider hiring an attorney. They can help you arrange for medical liens and factoring in other elements of the claim, such as time lost at work as well as pain and suffering.

Car Accident and Insurance Stats

The car insurance industry in Georgia is still growing, and the number of uninsured drivers is dropping slowly but surely. The average premium in GA is $1,048, and what that means for many is that they simply can’t afford to have that go up because of a wreck or a claim.

There are other insights too. The average injury claim from a few years ago was $15,506, and with the increasing cost of medical care, it’s only reasonable that the figure on that has increased. Basically, there are too many car accidents, too many injuries, and people are only recently starting to get proper coverage for themselves. Attorneys step in to make sure that your car accident is not seen as one in tens of thousands that happens in Atlanta each year. Instead, bring in the human element, look at the injuries, not just the numbers.

Start Your Personal Injury Lawsuit with a Car Accident Attorney in Atlanta

Getting an attorney on board is generally easy, but the difficult part is making sure that you have the right attorney. Before you hire anyone, go through a consultation and make sure that you have the right person for you. Ensure that the attorney on your case has the time to devote to your case and understands how far you want to go with the case.

At The Weinstein Firm in Atlanta, GA, our staff will always go with what you want first. We’ll negotiate thoroughly for the compensation you deserve first through settlement negotiations, and then in court if necessary. Whenever you’re working with auto accident attorneys in Atlanta, you have the opportunity to fight for full compensation, and that’s something you usually don’t get through an insurance company.

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