What To Do If I’m The Victim Of A Minor Car Accident While Pregnant?

Car accidents can scare anyone, even when they are relatively minor and without severe consequences. But they can be even more frightening if you are pregnant, as such events can easily harm your unborn child. Unfortunately, even a low-impact accident can have negative consequences with regard to your pregnancy. Even though many of these minor accidents won’t harm the baby, you should always see a doctor right away to make sure everything is fine with you and your baby. Never underestimate the need for close medical supervision after a car accident, as consequences may occur days or even weeks after the date of the event. If you have been in a car accident while pregnant, contact our car accident lawyers today.

What Are The Risks Of Getting Involved In A Car Accident During Pregnancy?

In fact, car accidents are among the most frequent causes of pregnancy injuries that affect the child. However, less than 30% of all healthcare providers will express such concerns regarding driving during pregnancy with their patients.

The force of a car accident impact could trigger pregnancy complications. Here are a few of the possible effects a car accident can have on a pregnant woman:

  • Pre-term labor or even miscarriage
  • Generating a high-risk pregnancy that may require close monitoring by medical doctors
  • Internal bleeding or hemorrhaging
  • Birth defects

Getting involved in a car accident causes a huge emotional strain that can have a negative impact on your baby. In addition, long-term psychical stress can trigger birth complications, including the death of the child. This is one of the main reasons why even a minor accident can have negative consequences on the health of your unborn child.

Even though your womb is designed to protect your baby, it isn’t infallible. If you take a hit in the stomach area or if your body jolts as a result of a sudden stop, the placenta could suffer separation from the uterus. This condition is known as “placental abruption” and it is an emergency situation, as it interrupts the natural flow of vital nutrients from your body to the child, increasing the risk for growth problems. It may also trigger bleeding that can harm both you and your baby. Pregnant women in their third trimester and the most exposed to this occurrence. However, there’s a risk for placental abruption any time after 20 weeks.

Coup and contrecoup injuries can also affect both the mother and the child. They occur when your head strikes a stationary obstacle such as a headrest. More often than not, this type of injury affects only the mother. However, the child may also develop problems such as “shaken baby syndrome.”

What Should I Do If I Get Involved In A Minor A Car Accident During My Pregnancy?

If you’ve been involved in any type of car accident while pregnant, you should see your doctor right away. Consider this a top priority to detect all complications as early as possible. Have a thorough medical exam even if you feel fine after the event. Even a low-impact parking lot accident can create health problems in pregnant women.

Contact A Car Accident Lawyer Today

If you’ve suffered pregnancy or birth complications following a car accident while pregnant, inform yourself on your available options from a legal standpoint. You may get to recover your medical care expenses and other damages. Contact The Weinstein Firm today to get your free consultation with an experienced car accident lawyer.

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