What Expectations Can I Have From Settlements for Rear End Accidents?

Statistics say that one-third of all accidents on the highway involve rear-end collisions. So if you have been injured after having a rear-end accident you are just one among many others. This frequency of rear-end accidents has led to vehicle insurance companies being quite familiar with the settlements that they are worth.

However, this does not mean that the circumstances in which you had a rear-end accident will be the same as an average rear-end collision, as every victim of this accident could have been in a different situation. The result of rear-end collisions can be minimal injuries and minor damage to property, but they can also at times result in long-term injuries and make a car into a total wreck. Every circumstance can lead to huge variations and this makes it more than often difficult to predict what the right amount a settlement should be.

Is the Rear-End Accident Always the Fault of the Other Driver?

Rear-end accidents are frequently settled with the help of auto accident lawyers and do not go to trial because in most cases the person who has hit you is at fault for the accident. In a lot of cases, you had stopped at a stoplight or stop sign when the accident took place. In such cases, it is very apparent that the other driver is responsible for the accident. The claims in these cases are settled quickly by insurance companies because they know that getting a case ready for trial can take a lot of effort, time and money, and that jury verdicts can favor higher amounts than the rear-end accident settlement amount offered.

Rear-end accidents in most cases are the fault of the driver of the other vehicle, but this assessment cannot be automatic. In the state of Georgia, both parties can share the fault, while the drivers at the front may be partially responsible. In case you were texting while driving and looked up to see someone cross the road. You slammed on the brakes and this does not give the car following you time to stop and you got hit. You are then at fault for having been texting while driving.

The other person could also have been too close to you and was not paying attention either. Drivers behind you have to maintain a proper distance from you so that they can react in time to any emergency. So, even if you have been at fault partially you can still claim for damages, medical expenses, and lost wages, besides other things.

How Much Will a Rear-End Collision be Settled For?

There is no way that you can tell how much a personal injury case will be settled for. The compensation amounts can depend on many factors, such as:

  • How serious your injuries are
  • Accident severity
  • Disability to work because of the accident
  • Whether your daily life or your loved ones have been affected
  • Long-term effects of any injuries
  • Need for medical treatment and care in the future
  • Type of injuries caused by the accident
  • Whether you were in any way at fault
  • Were you wearing a seat belt

Weinstein Firm attorneys are experienced and will review all the facts of your case, and give you a better idea of what you can settle for.

Most insurance companies will offer to settle soon after you have had the accident, but it is not a good idea to agree to the first offer made for a rear-end accident settlement. They will offer you much less than the true worth of your case to see whether you are agreeable to the offer, as many people will do. Before you agree to anything you should consult an attorney to understand what is the real value of your case for a rear-end collision.

It can require some time before you are aware of how much the accident has affected your life and whether you will require medical treatment in the future. Both your attorney and your doctor do need some time to evaluate your case properly so that they are sure that the insurance company has not shortchanged you.

Consultation for your rear-end accident case can be free.

Weinstein Firm consultation will not cost you anything and can be free while allowing you to meet our team so that you understand the basic legal implications of the case you have. You can even allow us to judge the fairness of any settlement that has been offered. We will analyze the facts of your case and use our experience to understand whether your case has greater potential. For a free consultation fill out the form or call us on 770-HELP-NOW.

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