How to Recover Your Auto Crash Report

You know that the police, or you, filed a report, but how do you get a copy of it? Will your insurance company ask you for the report or request it from the local PD themselves? There are a ton of questions that come up surrounding crash reports, and you can rest easy, it’s pretty straightforward. You have a right to recover your auto crash report and any other report that you make to the Atlanta Police Department. However, it takes a little maneuvering through the complex side of Atlanta’s finest systems so getting an experienced Atlanta GA car accident attorney can help.

Did You File a Report Properly?

Did you simply call 911 and tell them you were in a crash, or did you go to a station afterward and file a report? Many drivers believed that they completed a report during their emergency call; however, that’s not how you file a report. The report process is a series of questions about the crash and location that will help police identify the at-fault person and issue any traffic citations for the collision.

Filing a police report can be done online, in person at an Atlanta police station, or at the scene if you had an officer respond. Officers from State Police or the Atlanta Police Department will usually not appear at the crash site unless there are injuries or the drivers require assistance.

At that time, they’ll complete the police report and give both or all drivers involved the report information.

Get Your Report in Person

Probably the easiest way to get your report is in person. You can go to the Georgia Department of Transportation and request your report, or go to a police station and request your report there. You’ll get the most help from either option rather than trying to get it over the phone or online.

If you’re worried about the weight, you should plan on spending a good deal of time waiting in either building. Both are extremely busy within Atlanta, so while this route is easier, it is far less convenient than request the crash record online.

Find or File Your Report Online

If you’re confident with your web navigating and tech handling abilities, then going online could be more convenient, but not easier, than getting your report in person. The good news is that if you didn’t file a crash report initially, you can do so online at any time and get that information right away.

Be careful when completing your form online, as it’s very detailed and requires a substantial amount of information. That is why it’s usually an officer that completes and submits the form. They ask for a diagram, information on both drivers, county, and more.

Work with an Atlanta Car Accident Attorney to Obtain Your Report

What happens when you have an attorney from Atlanta involved? They basically go through this process for you. They’ll request the accident report, go through the information, pick apart what elements benefit you, and submit their findings to your insurance provider as part of your claim.

One of the primary benefits of getting a lawyer is not having to track down all of this information on your own. Not only do you need to get a crash report, but also your medical records, crash records, and a ton of evidence to show the extent of your accident. For many people who are in pain and trying to recover from their injuries because of the wreck, this seems impossible.

It’s one fo the insurance companies’ best tactics is to make it such a hassle to go through and get the proper amount of compensation that most people just throw in the towel. By the time they get a compensation check, they’re just so happy to be done with it all that they don’t even care that it’s far less because you didn’t provide a crash report.

What Else Should You Expect from a local Atlanta Auto Accident Lawyer?

At The Weinstein Firm, our attorneys and legal staff will go far beyond most expectations. We’ll hunt down documents and compile any information that’s critical to your case, including the crash report. Your crash report is not something to take lightly as it’s information can change the course of your claim or court case.

Contact The Weinstein Firm to have an attorney take over the complex side of making your claim. Instead, you can focus on getting back to work, getting your car repaired, or working on your recovery after the wreck. We’ll worry about getting these difficult to obtain documents in order.

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