Why Don’t Police Respond to Every Crash?

Imagine the shock when you’re in a crash, and the 911 dispatcher informs you that you don’t need police assistance. They’re supposed to handle all the documentation, but they won’t be there to help. So what do you do? Firstly, contact an experienced Atlanta, GA car wreck lawyer.

Secondly, don’t worry because on a national level, many police departments have limited their crash responses. Partially because of the very high rate of crashes, especially through metro areas, that have minor or no injuries. Police may not respond for any wide variety of reasons, but looking at the sheer volume of accidents can help most people understand why they shouldn’t always expect APD to be there for them.

Atlanta Police Force Resources

The Atlanta Police Department is rather diligent in releasing an annual report with information about crime, traffic, and their resources. What happens during the year is not just resource fluctuations, but also spikes and subsiding times in traffic issues and crime.

In 2018 they issued over 2,700 traffic citations, always with the goal of holding drivers responsible for their behaviors. When it comes to responding to crashes, there may simply not be the resources available to respond to every crash. While police are writing citations, making routine traffic stops, and surveilling areas for traffic infractions as well as other crimes.

Crash Stats Within Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is one of the busiest metro areas in the country, and that means lots of car accidents. The Atlanta Police department, along with the Georgia Department of Transportation, has created a Drive Alert Arrive Alive initiative.

The Georgia Department of Transportation found that 17% of all traffic fatalities were pedestrians, and 59% of vehicle victims were not wearing a seatbelt. Finally, about 70% of all fatal crashes in Georgia were connected to unsafe driving behaviors, including distracted driving and driving under the influence.

It’s clear that in these situations, police response is vital. Police do not have a choice to not respond to a fatality in that all victims are top priority to first responders, and no “fatality” is declared before first responders arrive on the scene. Basically, a first responder must be on the scene to make medical decisions and make calls for declarations of death.

Police Aren’t Needed at Every Crash Site

When you’re looking at crash scenes where one person brushed another, there’s no reason for the police to arrive. While police aren’t needed at every crash site, it’s clear that you can follow the standard procedures for what to do after an accident.

If the crash was a genuine accident and it involved no injuries, then you can take steps on your own to resolve the issues. If both vehicles can operate, then it’s easy enough for drivers to exchange information and leave the scene.

However, if it seems like the driver is irate, could become violent, or if there is an external issue, then request that a police officer respond as soon as possible. For example, if you’re blocking traffic and your car is unable to move. You may need police assistance to reroute traffic and get a tow truck to you.

Additionally, if the driver of the other vehicle seems like they could become violent, you may need an officer on the scene to avoid an assault. When you dial 911 after a crash, be sure to communicate any of this information and identify if an officer is available and needed.

What Can You Do If Police Don’t Respond?

If the police don’t respond, then you need to go through the process of documenting the crash and exchanging information. Fortunately, with the availability of cell phones, you can quickly snap a photo of the driver’s license, insurance, and vehicle. But, be sure to get pictures for evidence such as the damage to the cars and road.

Contact Your Atlanta, GA Car Wreck Lawyer In All Situations

Even if you were told by dispatch that you didn’t need police response, what you do need is legal protection. When police don’t respond to a crash, most insurance providers will move forward with the thought that the crash wasn’t too bad and had no injuries. That’s not always the case. Sometimes injuries can be found days, weeks, or even months later.

Because the Atlanta Police Department doesn’t respond to every car wreck call, you need to carefully document the scene yourself and find an Atlanta, GA car wreck law firm to represent you in your claim. Contact The Weinstein Firm for assistance with your claim, settlement negotiations, and more.

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