Will Points Go On Your License Even if You Weren’t At Fault?

Drivers are told that there is a limit on how many points they can have on their record. Then, that anything they do wrong will result in points. But, there is a little conversation about what exactly leads to obtaining license points and what the real consequences are if you have too many. After an accident, everyone will feel like something went wrong, even if they weren’t at fault. If this sounds like your situation and you want to resolve the claim with the help of an Atlanta car collision attorney and move on. You might not be too worried about things like license points until months later. If you’re wondering about license points now, then there is some valuable information available, although not everyone will be pleased with the Georgia points system.

Georgia Points System

The Georgia points system helps the Department of Driver Services separate the high-risk drivers from everyone else. They report these points to insurance companies when questions, and more. These points all come from traffic violations. Specifically, they come from moving traffic violations, meaning that basic parking violations don’t result in points.

Additionally, getting in an Atlanta car collision will not lead to points going onto your license unless you received a ticket for traffic violations. Receiving a ticket or that acknowledgment of traffic violations and a conviction during a crash, however, if fairly common. The conviction is the important part because if the ticket was dropped or not processed, then no points will appear on your record.

You can receive points for anything from going 15 miles over the speed limit to improper passing and many things in-between. In fact, if it’s clear that a safety restraint wasn’t in place during the crash, an officer can write you a ticket for that.

Each traffic violation constitutes a different numerical point assignment. There’s a complete list available on Georgia’s Department of Driver Services website with a full explanation of the very few exceptions.

Consequences for Licenses with Too Many Points in Georgia

In total, you can have up to 15 points in a 2-year stretch of time. If you hit 15 points, your license will become suspended. But, you do have options to reduce the number of points with a point reduction program. With a point reduction program, you will attend classes at a driver’s education or driver’s training school that’s approved for the program. Upon completion of the program, the points on your record may go down.

In addition to license suspension, the state of Georgia may rule that your license would be revoked or in some cases, canceled. These instances are not common but can happen. For example, if you are drunk driving, speeding, driving recklessly, and pass a school bus inappropriately on a hill, then you may not have your license at all. Additionally, if you have a long record of negligent or unsafe driving habits and have ridden the line of suspension for a long duration of time, then the state may remove your license.

How Does Points Reduction Work?

The points reduction options aren’t available to everyone, and you can only do it so many times. Georgia residents can ask that the Department of Driver Services take down the number of points once in a five-year range. The max number of points that can be taken off is seven. That’s seven per request, so it’s always best to ask that the maximum amount come off your record.

The official name of the program is the “Driver Improvement Course,” but it’s also known locally as the defensive driving course. You must find a certified Driver Improvement Course, then provide that certificate to the Department of Driver Services. You will likely not get a response right away, especially if you’ve gone through the program before, as they’ll want to review your past requests.

Can An Atlanta Car Collision Attorney Keep Points Off Your Record?

No, our attorneys certainly can’t keep points off of your record. But, we can help you recover your other areas of loss. An Atlanta car collision attorney can fight for a fair review of the proposed settlement amount from the insurance companies involved. Insurance companies skirt, short, or otherwise avoid making full payouts, and the difficulty in those situations is that the victims can’t pay their bills.

After taking on any property or physical damage in a crash, you need to reach out to an Atlanta area personal injury attorney. You can find local, friendly, and experienced attorneys at The Weinstein Firm.

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