How Do I Talk To My Child About A Car Crash?

If you or your child were injured in an accident, speak with a skilled Atlanta auto crash attorney for help recovering compensation.

There are two instances when you need to tell your child about a wreck. First, you were in a crash and got hurt, or someone you know was in a wreck and was hurt. Or second, your child was hurt in a wreck. It’s a situation that no one wants to experience, but it happens rather often. You can approach the entire subject delicately without glossing over the important details.

Your child is probably much more capable of deep understanding and compassion than most adults. They aren’t jaded, and even if they were hurt in the wreck, they might do better than you expected with their recovery.

Be Honest

When you have a little one that can see you hurt, it’s always best to be honest, if the nature of the injuries calls for it. Meaning, that unless you have some violence behind the injuries, then there’s no reason to hide or lessen the blow.

Saying things like, “Mom was hurt in a car crash,” is fine. Yes, children can hear these things and become very afraid of getting into a car. But, you have to help them overcome those fears. To do so, acknowledge how many times you got into the car and didn’t get hurt or point out that you drive safely, so it only happens on rare occasions.

But, if your child was hurt, then you might want to consider the full nature of their injuries. Were they hurt badly? Will they possibly need to go through therapy because of the trauma? Tell them what happened to their body; they deserve to know. But, make sure that you don’t sensationalize or extend on the extent of the injuries.

Don’t Offer Blame

Something that adults are quick to do, but often teach their children to avoid is blame. You can set the stage by avoiding blame yourself. Don’t start with blaming the other driver, or the dog in the road, or anything at all. There was a crash, that was it. Was it avoidable? Maybe, but your child doesn’t need to know the full ins and outs of legal resolution for your crash.

What you can do instead is to bring in the solution. Yes, there was a crash, you can’t argue that, but was it your fault? Maybe, maybe not. Was it someone else’s fault? Maybe a drunk driver, or a teenager, or someone was looking at their phone. Keep the blame game to the time you spend with your attorney and handling your insurance claim.

Explain Your Recovery and Theirs If They Were Hurt

If you need time to recover, then the responsibilities and role of your child may change for a time. They may need to help more around the house or take more initiative in handling their homework. Be transparent with these needs and talk about how long you need their support.

Now, if your child was hurt, then make sure to communicate with them and their medical team. Explain what they should expect and help them get through their trying times. It often is challenging for children to sit in one place, to stay off a bad leg, or to avoid using an arm.

Ask for Help and Say Thank-You

When you come forward with your time of recovery and talking to your child, make sure to offer your appreciation when they help. Ask for help, and then offering thanks can help you take this unfortunate circumstance a way to build responsibility.

Getting help is vital for a full recovery, stretching yourself beyond your limits can undo good medical work and therapy.

Discuss the Role of an Atlanta Auto Crash Attorney

When you’re the parent, and you’re hurt, everything seems impossible. As you discuss your treatment and plans for getting better, explain the solution process. We often believe that children are too young to understand many of the issues that come up in our lives, but they can. Use easy to understand words but explain that some people will help you get better, your doctors and another friend.

As you start your recovery and manage a household and children, things like calling your insurance company are just too hard. How can you get a car to an appraiser and fax over forms when you’re at home unable to do everyday tasks? At The Weinstein Firm, we understand, and we aim to ease your burdens. Call our local Atlanta car wreck law firm now to schedule an over the phone consultation.

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