Could Your Honda Pose a Huge Fire Risk?

Honda has recently announced that one of its minivans lines could pose a huge fire risk to drivers. Now, it takes a lot for manufacturers to issue these kinds of statements, because they usually have to do a ton of repairs for free. But, what are the risks for the drivers? Could your Odyssey erupt into flames and cause a crash?

Not likely, but they are a risk on the road and can put many drivers in danger. Still, one manufacturer defect doesn’t outright ensure that the crash is the manufacturer’s fault. Someone could, in theory, have a fire, pull over, and then another car hit them.

If you’ve been affected by this, you should get in contact with a local personal injury attorney.

Recent Recall From Honda for Fire Risk

A consumer report was put out on February 12th about a massive 241,000 vehicle recall from Honda. The manufacturer found that Odyssey minivans produced between 2018 and 2020 were a fire hazard.

The recall comes after a handful of fires, but with no reported injuries. The recall is for all Odysseys from the 2018 and 2020 models. The improper, mechanical, installation of a panel let damage happen to the wires, and now it is causing short circuits. The plastic cover of the wiring harness can cause a fire.

When you bring in your Odyssey, the mechanic will inspect the vehicle’s wire harness. When there is no damage, there will be minor repairs to reroute it. However, when there is the presence of damage, they will replace the entire unit. There will be no charges for the repairs.

What is the Fire Risk in the Honda Odysseys?

The fire risk comes from a wire that is under the third row of seats, which could short-circuit and catch fire. The wire is meant for the third-row power outlet, an unnecessary but pleasant feature. Honda has found that many of their models have this problem and are recalling.

The recall is not for a replacement for inspection and repair. The inspection will allow for mechanics at dealers, hips, and approved centers can allow for repair or replacement of the wire. So far, there are only three fires, and the recall is largely precautionary. They moved quickly to avoid the costly mistakes of past manufacturers. Nearly all the other major manufacturers have misstepped in the past and allowed hundreds of injuries or deaths before issuing a recall.

Can These Risks Lead to Accidents?

The risk can certainly lead to accidents. Any vehicle fire can cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle, or to respond in alarm. The risk of an accident is imminent. But there is the additional risk of getting into an accident after a mechanical failure. A mechanical failure will often cause someone to pull off the road to wait or to stop where they are and wait for help.

Waiting for help, even on the side of the road, can lead to many serious accidents. The accidents that come from these situations result in severe injuries. The severe injuries often come because the crash impacts a stopped vehicle.

Does Mechanical Failure Take Fault for the Crash?

Mechanical failure can be responsible for an accident in that the driver had no way of knowing what would happen. It’s not reasonable to expect someone to react to their vehicle catching fire calmly. However, when you go through the fault, someone hit from behind would still contain fault for the rear driver.

Additionally, if someone was hit while parked on the side of the road, the fault there would have no association with the mechanical failure. The failure of the mechanics and specifically one wire puts a serious risk for all drivers and will likely lead to many injuries.

Should You Talk to Your Atlanta Car Accident Attorney?

After any wreck, you should start a discussion with your attorney because they may have more insight into the details. Although it seems like the manufacturing defect caused the wreck, there may be other elements present. For example, if you were hit in the rear, then yes, you have a mechanical failure, but they were following too closely. Taking on a crash where someone claims the wreck was a mechanical failure is a huge challenge. Ultimately, they’re saying the wreck was your fault.

You can fight fault claims when clearly someone else was responsible for your wreck. Don’t settle for partial compensation. Instead, use an Atlanta attorney for car accidents at The Weinstein Firm for support. Call our law office today and schedule a free consultation.

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