Can I Sue An Auto Repair Shop Or Mechanic For Negligence In The State Of Georgia?

There are many people who are suspicious of auto repair shop scams and before they choose a trustworthy mechanic will do research first. That is a smart idea since although there are many good mechanics that are available, a poor job can result in more damage – or even life-threatening accidents. In the state of Georgia, an auto accident victim may legally sue the party or person who is responsible for causing the injuries and accidents. And at times, the negligent party is a mechanic or auto repair shop that worked on the vehicles(s) that were involved in the auto accident. If you suffered damage and an accident from an improperly performed service it is your right to sue an auto shop for negligence with a car accident lawyer.

When is a Mechanic Considered to be Negligent in the state of Georgia?

Mechanics and auto repair shops have a duty of care to all of their customers. They need to be careful that they not cause more damage to any vehicle or return it to the customer in a dangerous condition. If a mechanic or auto repair shops fail to uphold their duty of care and it results in an accident, then they have been negligent. Basically, negligence is a legal term for any carelessness that results in another person being harmed.

Examples of an auto shop or mechanic acting negligently may include the following:

  • An old tire was sold by an auto shop that claimed that the tire was new. The damaged tire blew out on the freeway and resulted in a collision.
  • A flat tire was repaired by a mechanic but it was not tightened sufficiently, which resulted in the tire malfunctioning that ended up causing an accident.
  • A repair shop claimed that it fixed a problem with your car. However, it led to further external or internal damage.

A driver is sometimes initially blamed for an auto accident, but additional investigation reveals that a mechanic or repair shops worked on the car and failed to properly repair it. That would provide the accident victim with grounds for suing for damages – whether they were driving or not.

For example, there are some truck accidents that occur due to poor inspection or faulty maintenance at an auto shop – and not due to the driver’s negligence. In this case, the people who were injured in a truck accident can make a claim for damages against the repair shop.

How to Prove That A Mechanic Or An Auto Repair Shop That Was Negligent In Your Auto Accident

There is one major roadblock to prove a mechanic or repair shop’s negligence: a majority of people do not know a lot about vehicle repairs or cars. Unfortunately, that makes it easy for some shops to get away with doing a bad repair job or claiming they didn’t cause any extra damage. However, if you hire an experienced car accident attorney, they can help you further investigate the matter and discover what the truth is.

For instance, The Weinstein Firm has its own team of investigators who will obtain access to the repair records of the vehicle and see precisely which actions were performed on the car. They can discover:

  • Which mechanic did work on the car
  • What work they claimed they did
  • Why the vehicle was taken in to begin with
  • Whether or not the repairs were done correctly
  • Any damage that the vehicle experienced or had after being returned to its driver
  • How this damage resulted in an accident

If a repair shop or mechanic cause your car accident, then they should be held responsible for the costs you are facing due to their negligence. Our investigative team will work diligently to uncover any evidence of poor service and prove you were not at fault for the accident.

How Can I Obtain Damages From The Auto Repair Shop?

A majority of shops carry liability insurance for these types of situations. You would file an injury claim against the insurance company for any property damage, your injuries, and any other expenses associated with your accident.

If the insurance company and your car accident attorney are unable to reach a fair settlement amount, then your lawyer might recommend suing.

If I Was Not In An Accident Can I Still Sue?

Yes, even if there was no accident, you like can still bring a claim. If you took in your vehicle to be repaired and it was returned to you damaged, the mechanic might have been negligent in his duties. In that type of situation, it might be more difficult to prove the auto repair shop or mechanic’s negligence. However, it is possible to do.

After you notice any additional damage, you may have your vehicle inspected by another mechanic for mistakes in the initial mechanic’s work. That is the first good step to take since in some cases you will be able to work a deal out with the mechanic. However, if they continue claiming they didn’t make any mistake or refuse to work with you, then you can file a claim against the mechanic in small claims court. Typically you don’t need an attorney’s representation to do this, although you definitely can still work with a lawyer.

However, if your damaged vehicle does result in a car accident, then you will want to get in touch with a Georgia car accident attorney as soon as you can following the accident. They are able to the best job at investigating all of the details that were part of your accident and the negligence of the mechanic or repair shop.

Were You Involved In An Accident That Was Caused By Faulty Mechanics?

Vehicle repair mistakes can be very dangerous, and even deadly in some cases. If a mechanic failed to make sure that it was safe to drive a vehicle, then they need to be held accountable for their negligence and the damage it has caused. If repair problems resulted in an accident, then you need help from a good car accident attorney.

The Weinstein Firm is here to help you. We have many years of experience working with victims of car accidents and always side with the victim. For your FREE consultation with one of our compassionate and experienced attorneys, give us a call at 770-HELP-NOW today or fill out our contact form on this page so that you can get started right away.

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