Do You Call 911, Atlanta PD, or Georgia State Patrol?

GA car wreck attorneys are familiar with the situation: you’re sitting in your car after a fender bender and have a moment of panic. Should you call 911? Is it that bad? If someone is hurt, will you have to call 911? What about State Patrol, will they come out? Atlanta Police usually respond, but what if it takes them too long?

Take a deep breath, most drivers get into car accidents, and you can get through this one with the right emergency responders. The keyword is emergency, not urgent. You may urgently need help but still not have a true emergency situation on your hands. But, always start by checking the people in your vehicle, and checking with the other driver. You may be okay, but others involved may need an emergency medical response.

Call 911 in Emergencies Only

All the time while growing up, people are told to call 911 whenever there’s an emergency. But, comical situations like people calling 911 for mistakes in fast food orders and dialing by mistake could cost people their lives. Which sparks the question, is your car accident worthy of calling 911?

Many people dial 911 because they don’t’ consider the other options to call. But with a mobile phone in your pocket and an internet connection, you can quickly look up the number for the nearest sheriff’s office, police station, or Georgia State Police center. Calling that number can help you determine if you should call 911 or not.

When it is clearly an emergency, contact 911 right away. If there are injuries, contact 911 right away. If you are afraid for your life, or to exit your vehicle, call 911. The important thing is that you have access to this resource when it’s an emergency and that you don’t abuse this resource when it’s not an emergency.

Why Would You Call Atlanta PD?

Atlanta PD can help you with things in non-emergency situations. For example, if you and another vehicle were in a wreck on a freeway, you may need help getting safely off the freeway. Or you may need help cleaning up the wreckage. It’s important to alert the police of safety hazards that could lead to more accidents.

They can also call for the dispatch of traffic-focused officers that worry about getting traffic flow back to normal. When you call into a sheriff’s office or to 911, you will likely talk to a HERO or a Highway Emergency Response Operator.

When you get in touch and explain your situation, they’ll determine what type of help you need. They may instruct you to call a tow truck, or that emergency responders are on their way to help.

Will Georgia State Patrol Be a Better Contact after a GA Car Wreck?

Typically Georgia State Patrol will only respond to accidents or crashes if they’re the nearest to the scene. The state police operate in a capacity that focuses on upholding public safety, apprehending those involved in criminal activity, and reacting to disasters. They will often give priority to the response to local police if it’s reasonable.

For example, if you get in a wreck and a State Patrol car is right there, then they would likely stop and handle the situation. But, if that patrol car wasn’t there and you called, you would likely see Atlanta Police for your crash. It all comes down to who can respond faster and how much help is needed.

State Police and Atlanta PD have good bonds, and it’s not about who’s in charge of any area. It’s about the victims that need help and how quickly the nearest person can get on the scene. If the crash is a fender bender without any injuries, then it’s likely that no one would respond.

Know the Differences Between Different Responders and Their Roles

The first responders in Atlanta all have different roles. Make sure that you are only calling emergency response in emergency situations. Too often, people simply call 911 because they think it’s the thing to do. What that does is congest the system, and it could result in someone in a much more serious situation having a delay in getting the help they need. Always take a moment and think, “Is this worth calling 911 over?”

In the event that someone is hurt, then contact emergency response. But, if no one is hurt and you just need help with the cleanup, then considering calling the Atlanta Police Department or even GSP. Hopefully, a nearby officer would have seen the crash happen and get over to help you right away, but you can’t count on that. After you reach out to the right emergency responders, get in touch with a local GA car wreck law firm. Call The Weinstein Firm today.

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