A Guide On When To Get A Car Accident Lawyer

Vehicle accidents can be serious, time-consuming and very expensive. However, it is hard to know if you need the help of a car accident lawyer, especially immediately after the accident. This article will discuss when to get a car accident lawyer.

You should first check with an attorney who offers free consultation services whether you need an attorney. If the attorney is offering a free professional consultation, it means that you can get quality advice without exposing yourself to any risk. Free consultations are however a two-way street. Legal experts do not accept any case that comes their way. Instead, they usually offer a free consultation to gauge your claim and determine if there is case before they can commit to offering you representation. You can use a free consultation to your advantage and find out if the legal expert thinks your case has any merit before deciding on the next step.

Consulting a lawyer is a great idea in case you have any type of accident. Remember that in some cases you will need a lawyer while you may not require their services in other cases. Let us consider some of the circumstances discussed below.

In Which Type of Vehicle Accidents Don’t You Need Legal Representation?

In some types of vehicle accidents, the amount of compensation that you would receive is so small that an attorney cannot help you win a bigger settlement. For example:

• If you got a minor injury such as whiplash or discomfort from an accident

• Your injury did not require any expensive medication or the services of a specialist

• You have recovered from any car accident injuries after seeing a chiropractor for a few sessions

In such cases, you might not require the services of a car accident lawyer.

The main reason you do not need a lawyer for such cases is that you are most likely to only be awarded compensation to cover your medical costs and an additional $1000 – $2000. It is possible that with a lawyer at your side you may get a slightly higher compensation but the additional amount may not be worth your time and effort.

However, even if you have only gotten minor injuries from an accident, it is still a good idea to seek the opinion of a lawyer before making a decision. If the minor injury that you got in accident required special care from a physical therapist, any kind of special treatment from a medical practitioner or an epidural, it could be worth a bigger cash settlement and a lawyer can make a big difference in helping you file for the right claim.

How Can I Know When I Need A Car Accident Lawyer?

There are instances when it can be really beneficial to have a car accident lawyer on your side. Remember that there are circumstances in which a lawyer can assist you in negotiating for a bigger settlement payout and also dealing with the tactics employed by insurance firms to avoid paying out claims.

Circumstances in Which A Car Accident Attorney Can Help:

Do you have a serious injury?

The more serious your injury, the higher the likelihood of a big payment and the bigger the chances that the insurance company will try to stiff you. A serious injury does not necessarily entail hospitalization or surgery. A joint injury that requires long-term treatment or injections, broken bones or any other type of injury that causes you to have severe pain can be classified as a serious injury.

Do you feel that you are severely injured?

At times, you may not be sure on the severity of your injury. Perhaps you are feeling at crossroads since your pain is not getting lower and the initial treatment that you were being given is not effective. If the scenario above describes your situation, it is best to get an attorney. A lawyer will help you find the best specialists to treat your injury and also assist you in holding the insurance company liable for all your medical costs until you feel fully fit.

Are you unable to pay for your medical bills?

Vehicle accidents can lead to financial stress due to the huge medical bills. If you are worried that you will be unable to pay for your medical expenses, it is a sign that your insurance company is not providing sufficient compensation. A lawyer can help you get the best medical treatment without paying a dime until the insurance company coughs up your compensation. An attorney can also assist you in negotiating for a better settlement offer from the insurance company.

Have you missed time at work?

If you missed work because of an accident, an attorney can help you in getting fair compensation for lost wages. Remember that insurance firms will always try to undervalue the amount you have lost at work because of an accident.

Is the insurance company blaming you?

Insurance firms can use this tactic in different ways. In many instances, insurance companies will try to say that you reported your injury late or that you made the situation worse by not seeking treatment early. This is a veiled way of saying that they will not give you full compensation. To get what is due to you, you need legal representation.

Is the insurance company downplaying your injuries?

Remember that insurance firms do not have your best interests at heart. It is usually their mission to pay as little as possible when it comes to giving compensation. Once they have assessed your diagnosis and quantified it in dollars, they do not really care whether the treatment you got worked or not. You should get an attorney who will fight on your side of the ring and force the insurance firm to take your claim seriously.

A Guide on How to Identify the Best Car Accident Attorney

When you are seeking legal representation after an accident, you should not hire the first attorney that you meet. Ideally, you should deal with a knowledgeable and highly experienced professional that you can open up to. Here are tips on how to spot a great lawyer:

• The professional should focus on personal injury cases especially those that involve car accidents

• The attorney should have years of experience in handling personal injury cases involving automobile accidents

• The professional should be open to offering a free consultation in a location that you find convenient

• The lawyer should be attentive when you are speaking. Additionally, they should also remember the facts of your case when you mention them

• The attorney of choice should understand your injuries

• Check to see if the attorney you are about to hire is empathetic to your plight. They should not just focus on the settlement.

Have you gotten injuries from a car accident? At The Weinstein Firm, we offer free consultations where you can engage the most respected and experienced personal injury attorneys in Georgia. Contact us today by calling 770-HELP-NOW or fill out the simple form on your right to FREE consultation services today.

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