How Much Should I Expect From A Car Accident Settlement?

How Much Should I Expect From My Settlement? | Car Wreck Lawyer

Every case has its unique aspects. But after speaking with an attorney, you can get a pretty good idea of what your settlement could be. To answer the question quickly, most settlements in Georgia are around $20,000. That is not taking things like extensive pain and suffering into account.

An Atlanta auto accident lawyer should help you through the process of deciding what will factor into your final settlement. Many personal injury calculators advise victims to seek at least three times their medical bills. While it can give you a roundabout figure, it is not always realistic.

How Do You Calculate Claims?

Initially, your claim must go through insurance. After a car wreck, you must report the crash to your carrier and then they will begin a claims process. The downside is that your insurance company does not have your best interest in mind.

They think of themselves first and last, meaning that you will likely get a very low settlement offer. Do not accept anyone’s first settlement offer. Get a car wreck lawyer in the mix right away.

The actual calculation of the claim will come from the insurance adjuster. The person you see after the crash will take a record of the car damage and injuries. They will also assess whether or not you were at-fault in the wreck.

In GA there is the chance of being partially at-fault or even being in a no-fault crash. Then the adjuster will start putting a value on the damage. They do use formulas to decide how much any type of injury should payout.

Usually, the first offer is the lowest that the company can get away with, and most people take it. A lawyer can help you find other factors that your insurance carrier might have overlooked. Factors such as pain and suffering and lost wages are often forgotten about on the first offer.

Insurance Companies v. Personal Lawsuits

There are different processes when it comes to seeking compensation from an insurance company or a personal lawsuit. If your insurance company closed the claim and everything is done on that front, you can open a personal lawsuit against the other driver.

Many people find that they try to seek the largest settlement possible from insurance rather than go after an individual person. Speak with an attorney to learn what your options are in seeking a settlement. Make sure to act quickly as GA has a two-year window on personal injury claims from the date of the incident.

In some cases, you might max out the limit on their insurance. At that time you would need to pursue a lawsuit against the person as well for the difference. For example, if your medical bills are $40,000 and their insurance caps out at $15,000 you are out for $25,000. That would be the time to get a lawyer to help put together a personal lawsuit.

Factoring in Pain and Suffering

When determining how much you should expect in a car wreck settlement, you should count on more than your medical bills. Doctor visits and bills are only a small part of your settlement. Pain and suffering will include the bills and such as well as other things.

Pain and suffering can include many factors. A lawyer can help you find aspects such as loss of life enjoyment, and lost wages. You should expect things like this to be in your settlement.

Atlanta Car Wreck Attorneys

The best way to get the full settlement that you deserve is to contact an attorney. Many people accept the first offer they get from their insurance. The first offer is usually much lower than what anyone deserves after a car wreck. Working with a car wreck attorney you can go back to your insurance addressing aspects of pain and suffering, additional medical bills and more.

Get Help From An Atlanta Car Wreck Lawyer

If you were recently in a car wreck, you need legal help. Car insurance companies are not worried about you. They worry about protecting themselves and usually, that means small settlements. You should expect to at least have your medical bills covered.

But you should also expect compensation for your lost wages, and suffering through the rehab process. Call us to get in touch with an injury attorney in Atlanta for a free consultation. They can give you a much more realistic idea of what amount to seek in a car crash settlement.

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