DUI Victims – Holidays Mean More Drunk Driving Accidents – How You Can Prepare

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The holidays always bring a higher rate of drunk drivers which is really upsetting given that it’s a time of celebration and family. There are a lot of DUI victims during this time as well. Unfortunately, many families approach the winter holidays and New Year after losing someone to a DUI crash or have to enter the New Year with serious injuries and possibly new disabilities. The good news is that many people can take steps to prepare for DUI possibilities and to reduce the chances of someone you know getting into a DUI crash.

There are things that you can do and here are a few tips and approaches that can help have a direct impact on the holiday season. It’s vital that you know and understand the risks and take on a helpful or preventative approach to this issue that all of us face each year.

Know the Dangers of the Day of the Event

Last year Georgia State Patrol cracked down on the uptick and were patrolling more than usual. We can certainly expect the same this year, but even with the crackdowns we know that there’s a high uptick in accidents around Thanksgiving weekend, and through the three days prior, and three days after Christmas.

Then there’s the five-day stretch around New Year as well. There’s added risk this year because Christmas falls on a weekend, which means more people are likely to go out, party, and drive. The dangers come on because people want to celebrate and enjoy time with their families.

Take Precautions if You’re Serving Alcohol

If you’re serving alcohol, you might be at a bit of a risk, but you certainly don’t want to be responsible or associated with anyone getting hurt. Make sure that people know ahead of time that you’ll have alcohol at the party or gathering. Additionally, do what you can to ensure there’s space for everyone to stay if you need to.

Serving alcohol at your home can also open you to the risk of a dram shop issue. Georgia uses a dram shop law to attribute liability to people who serve alcohol to someone, and then that person gets into a crash. There are some responsibility and liability for those who serve alcohol, so make sure that your attendees have a safe way to get home.

Increased Risk in 2020

There’s additional risk in 2020 because of how many people can’t go out and might be spending their holidays at home. Many people throughout the Atlanta area leave for the holidays to visit family throughout other areas of the state. However, that may change this year. Instead, people are likely to stay home or visit family or friends that are local. The trouble is that it certainly won’t stop people from drinking.

Expect more local parties and house parties in 2020 than you may have seen in recent years. It’s possible that small friend groups or workgroups may plan out holiday parties in their homes rather than renting a space or going to a restaurant. This puts people at greater risk for DUI accidents as they are drinking in a comfortable space and then driving home. They may not realize how much they’ve drunk or how long they’d been there before leaving.

Make accommodations for Those Who Need Help To Get Home

There are ways to help reduce the partying elements that come with drunk driving while still having a great time. You might consider making plans well ahead of time to know who will stay overnight at your house. That way you can ensure that some of your bigger concerns won’t be driving at all.

Alternatively, you can work to arrange for a rideshare pickup. Even AAA the auto club offers pickups, tows, and transport for drunk drivers around certain holidays. It’s always worth exploring options to get home safely, and there’s no reason for using inconvenience as an excuse, these are people doing their job to help keep the roads a little safer.

DUI Victims and Atlanta Auto Collision Attorneys

The DUI victims of Atlanta often struggle to understand exactly why another person would take the risk of driving drunk. Unfortunately, it’s not even all the way into the holidays yet and there’s always been an increase in DUI crashes. Atlanta Police are facing the challenge of more people driving drunk through residential areas rather than in the hub of the downtown area. More and more people are drinking with friends and then trying to drive home.

Protecting DUI victims happens is two-fold. First, everyone is responsible for doing what they can to reduce the chances or possibility of a drunk driver crash. Second, is the help that victims need after the collision. DUI victims and the victims of accidents can have their questions answered and find support with the Weinstein Firm with our team of auto accident attorneys.

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