Determining Fault in a Left Hand Turn Accident

Left Hand Turn Accident

Determining fault is never as easy as it initially seems. Most of the people who step out of a car after a crash believe it is the other driver’s fault. Not only do you need help to prove fault, but you need to showcase that you are free from fault. Making a left-hand turn is something we all do, usually multiple times a day. However we often forget the risk that comes with making such a simple maneuver. Fault in a left hand turn accident not only comes down to who had the green light or who should have yielded. There are many elements to consider regarding fault, all while managing your recovery.

If you’ve been injured in a left hand turn accident, an experienced Atlanta auto accident attorney may be able to help.

Lights and Right-of-Way

Lights govern how drivers move through traffic. You have a green light and then you get to go. You have a yellow light and you need to prepare to stop. However many people don’t follow these simple rules. The simplest way to prove fault in a left-hand turn is to show that the other drive ran the light.

However, they may have had a yield light, or you may have had a yield light. Those situations allow the driver to manage everything based on their best judgment. That judgment can often be wrong. They may have believed that you were further away, or not travelling so fast. Which brings in another element: speed.

If you went through a light above the speed limit then it is safe for the other driver to argue that they believed you were going slower. Someone believing that you were going the speed limit is reasonable. If you were speeding, even if you had the right-of-way you could carry partial fault.

The right-of-way guidance is important. But, other infractions against traffic law can break into your fault percentage. That means ultimately you could receive a reduced compensation payment based on your contribution to the amount of damage from the crash.

Was There An Emergency Vehicle?

Emergency vehicles make us all nervous. We see an ambulance and initially get concerned that we’re not getting out of the way. Don’t be surprised if someone dove into a left turn to get out of the way of an ambulance. If the accident was genuinely at fault then you’d need to consider bringing your claims against the city of Atlanta rather than the other driver.

However, drivers aren’t taught to “dive” through traffic for emergency vehicles. Drivers are always instructed to move over safely and wait for the emergency vehicles to pass. Responding to an emergency vehicle can be a call for fault, but it is never a full excuse.

Who Was Most Responsible in a Left Hand Turn Accident

What it comes down to in Georgia is who was most at-fault. If the other driver was more than 50% at fault then their insurance company becomes responsible. However when it comes to fault you could contribute and miss out on part of your compensation if you were violating traffic ordinances.

The most responsible party carries the greater burden. However, it’s not that they’re paying right out of their pocket. Instead, their insurance company pays. It would be the same that happens if you were responsible for the crash. We all pay for auto insurance so that in these cases the victim is taken care of well.

Recovering from Your Left Hand Turn Accident

A left-hand crash will often  result in fairly serious injuries, and those that are uncommon for crash victims. Where people often have whiplash, a left-hand crash may instead result in broken bones, spinal injury, or internal damage.

During these types of recoveries you’ll need to work with a medical team. You may have to manage your recovery closely through multiple surgeries or even physical therapy. Recovery is never as simple or straight forward as people believe. It could be years of working on regaining your strength or mobility.

When to Contact Your Atlanta Auto Accident Attorney

Left hand crashes are exceptionally disruptive and if you were turning left then your passenger, or you may have serious injuries. It’s no wonder why you’re considering legal help. These injuries won’t be easy to overcome, but we’re confident that you can. We’re also confident that you can fight for as much compensation as possible when it comes to your financial recovery.

The Weinstein Firm has served the Atlanta community for years, helping victims navigate the complex insurance system. The driver that hit you should have insurance to cover your costs, and your insurance may need to provide additional compensation as well. When filing your claim, don’t do it alone, call our offices at The Weinstein Firm.

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