Common Injuries in an Atlanta Rear-End Accident

rear-end accident

A rear-end car accident can be a high-impact crash or a minor collision depending on the vehicles’ speed. It can be a slight dent with bruises or a totaled car with severe or catastrophic injuries. Unfortunately, many people involved in a rear-end collision underestimate the severity of their injuries, especially if they come out seemingly unscathed.

In rear-end accidents, the absence of a physical wound does not rule out an internal injury. The latter is usually deadly when not treated on time. Thus, it is always wise to seek medical attention immediately after a car accident. If you are the victim of a rear-end collision, our Atlanta car accident lawyers will help you get compensation.

What Are the Common Injuries in an Atlanta Rear-End Accident?

Below are the most common physical injuries in a rear-end collision, from the least to the most severe.

Whiplash and Neck Injuries 

Whiplash refers to injuries sustained in the neck, shoulder, and upper back. It is a result of a sudden force snapping the neck forward. Even in a non-high-impact crash, like a fender bender, a person can still suffer whiplash injuries.

The impact affects the neck and shoulder muscles and ligaments, causing them to stretch beyond their usual range. This happens in a fraction of a second, resulting in a soft tissue tear. Whiplash injuries are quite painful and can last for days or weeks. Also, the symptom may not appear until days after the rear-end accident.

Arm and Wrist Injuries 

When a rear-end accident happens, there is a likelihood that the driver’s hand is on the steering wheel. At times, the driver in front might have noticed the driver behind before the impact and braced themselves for it. However, by stiffening the arms, hands, wrists, and shoulders, the person may sustain different injuries. This could be a wrist sprain, broken wrists, a dislocated shoulder or joint, tendon damage, or stress fractures.

Broken Bones and Fractured Ribs 

When an airbag deploys in a rear-end accident, it can punch the driver in the chest. The impact could cause the bones in the ribcage to break. A broken rib could also be the result of a seat belt pulling taut. Another scenario is loose objects in the vehicle hitting the victim’s face or the victim’s limbs smashing against a part of the car.

A fractured bone may not be immediately evident following a traumatic crash. When a broken bone is not obvious, there will be a deep intense ache or sharp pain. Other signs are bruising, swelling, stiffness, dizziness, weakness, heat, or feeling chilly.

Back and Spinal Injuries 

Rear-end accidents are known for back and spinal injuries. The latter is quite catastrophic if the victim does not receive treatment on time. It could result in paralysis if the impact force compresses the spine, puts pressure on the vertebrae, and bruises the lower back muscles and ligaments.

One common symptom of this kind of injury is a bulging or herniated disc. A disc sits between the bony vertebrae of the spine, and it is shaped like pancakes. A rear-end accident can force these discs out of place. The force causes the discs to tear open and leak, putting pressure on the spinal cord.

Brain and Head Injuries 

A rear-end accident can lead to head or brain injuries, even if the vehicles involved were not going at top speed. If there is an open head wound, it is easier to diagnose and treat a head injury. However, things are more complicated when an injury, like a traumatic brain injury (TBI), is not visible to the optical eyes. Thus, if you suffer a blow to the head, ensure you get medical treatment as soon as possible to rule out TBI.

Crushed Limbs, Amputations, and Paralysis

When a car gets totaled in a rear-end accident, the driver and other car occupants may have their limbs crushed or severed. Here, they may have no choice but to amputate the crushed limb if doctors cannot salvage it. If the spinal cord gets destroyed, the person may be unable to walk for life.

Crushed limbs, amputations, and paralysis are catastrophic because they alter a person’s life quality. Victims of these wounds go through multiple surgeries, hospitalizations and require life-long care. This is why it is crucial to get the maximum compensation from a personal injury claim.

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