Major Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in Monroe, Georgia

pedestrian accident

An accident can happen to anyone at any time. Do not assume that because you are not in a vehicle, you are spared from traffic accidents. Even pedestrians are at risk of being victims of road accidents.

Over the years, there has been an alarming increase in pedestrian accidents in Georgia. In 2017 alone, records show that 253 pedestrians were struck and killed in traffic accidents. However, this should not be so considering the state codes guiding pedestrians and drivers in Georgia.

In this article, we would be addressing six of the leading causes of pedestrian accidents in Monroe, GA. If you were involved in a pedestrian accident, either as a motorist or pedestrian, you need to contact a Monroe pedestrian accident lawyer. They would help you through the process of filing and ultimately receiving your claim.

Six Major Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in Monroe, GA

Knowledge of the causes of pedestrian accidents in Monroe, GA, would help road users (drivers and pedestrians alike) be more cautious. There are several causes of pedestrian accidents in Monroe, GA, but these six are the most common ones.

  • Distracted Drivers and Pedestrians

One of the most common causes of distraction to drivers and pedestrians is the use of cell phones. Drivers who text or talk on the phone while driving become threats to themselves, pedestrians, and other drivers. Similarly, pedestrians operating their digital devices while walking along the road constitute a distraction. When a pedestrian is distracted, they will find it challenging to jump out of the way when an out-of-control vehicle is heading their way.

  • Reckless Driving

Going over the speed limit, ignoring traffic signs, and disregarding traffic rules and regulations are the ways a driver can be said to be reckless. When a driver is careless, accidents are bound to happen. Drivers who do not care about the safety of other road users and proceed to drive recklessly are in danger of causing pedestrian accidents.

  • Failure To Yield Right of Way

The “right of way” is the right a pedestrian or motorist has to proceed with precedence in a particular situation or location in traffic. For example, if the signal permits a pedestrian to move on to the crosswalk, drivers have to allow the pedestrian to cross the road before they can continue driving. However, some drivers are not patient enough for pedestrians to make use of the crosswalk. When this is the case, the impatient driver ends up crashing into the pedestrian.

  • Poor Visibility 

Some drivers find it difficult to see while driving at night. These drivers become dangers to pedestrians who are walking on the road at night time. We advise pedestrians who plan to be on the road after dark to avoid wearing dark clothes and have a flashlight with them.

Weather conditions could also affect the visibility of drivers and pedestrians. During heavy rainstorms or snowfalls, the vision of the driver could be affected. This could, in turn, lead to a collision with pedestrians waiting by the roadside.

  • Impaired Driving

Alcohol and hard drugs impair the senses of the user. Because of this, Georgia is against driving while under the influence of any or both of these substances. Motorists who drive while under the influence are dangerous to everyone on the road at that time. Pedestrians should try and remain vigilant while on the road because it would be easier to avoid vehicles that may be out of control.

  • Bad Roads and Road Construction   

Bad road conditions and road constructions could be hazardous to pedestrians. If there is construction work going on on the roads, pedestrians will try to avoid such areas. In turn, they may end up walking in areas drivers do not expect them to be.

For instance, a pedestrian might have to avoid the sidewalks and walk on the roads to sidestep the construction works. Also, bad road conditions could force a driver to swerve towards pedestrians resulting in an accident.

Are You a Victim of a Pedestrian Accident? Get Help Today! 

Pedestrian accidents are catastrophic occurrences that leave the victims feeling confused and helpless. Most times, victims would not know where to begin with the process of filing their claim and receiving compensation. As soon as you can, it is essential to contact a Monroe pedestrian accident lawyer who would help you through the whole process.

At The Weinstein Firm, we offer case reviews to our clients at no extra cost. We are available 24/7 all through the year to answer all your questions. If you do not win your case, you do not have to pay us. So, trust us with your case today by calling to schedule a free consultation.

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